Monday, May 3, 2010

Just enough to look a little wet

But there are still massive patches of dry everywhere. I'll be able to hold off dragging around the sprinkler for at least a day or two. Will see just how much water things need when I'm out this afternoon to continue with the weed pulling and spreading around of the last bit of compost.

The light is clear and bright today and the air is much better. It almost feels as if the pollen has been washed from the sky. Got out for an early 2fer breakfast with coupon at the Sunnyside Grill, so I was a bit late getting out into the garden for my morning shots. Too bad these point and shoot cameras don't have lenses like my sunglasses do.

This bee is doing in the Dicentra ochroleuca what I should be doing post egg/bacon/toast (and yes, very yummy potato) breakfast - situps. Or would that be Bee-lates?
I know, I know - I've heard the warnings about Euphorbia 'Fens Ruby' being weedy, but refuse to take heed because there isn't anything else I've found that has such a fine delicate leaf and flower form. The happy yellow dots of the flowers will keep this section bright until the Doronicum on the left starts to bloom.

This is the flower that signals spring to me - Mertensia virginica. It's one of the first perennials I planted in my yard many years ago.

Over to the veggie bed - anyone ever tried Tatsoi? Looks like I'm going to have lots and lots.

Not the best 'water on the Achemilla mollis leaves' shot. But one of my better shots of the a.m. so here it is.

Can you imagine what we'd look like if our eyes were as big as this in relation to our bodies. This is the Hydrangea I grew from seed. Found the other four plants languishing under hosta leaves - I've moved them and at least one is starting to look more like a woody plant rather than a stick in the ground.

Last but not least, the lily-flowered tulips looking sunny and bright. It is a day to be outside and enjoyed.


Barry said...

Indeed, the wet was a welcome visitor for sure. I love the Corydalis, and yes, Fens Ruby is one of my all time favourites as well..... that pinnate foliage is nothing short of attention demanding. The Mertensia is a welcomed addition to the Spring garden here as well, and contrary to some, it is relatively easily contained!

sweet bay said...

Beautiful shots of the Bluebells (one of my very favorite wildflowers) and tulips! The color of the tulips is so vibrant in the dappled shade in the picture.

Barbarapc said...

Barry - glad that I'm not the only one who likes Fens Ruby - I'm always delighted to see that it has woven itself into a new section of the garden and generally am delighted with the pairing. Mine is growing in woodland conditions and has stayed put for years - a pity I'd love to have a floor of it under the Japanese Maple.

Barbarapc said...

S.B. There's something about the lovely round bottoms of the tulips and the way the light plays with their petals that enchants me. Fortunately there are lots more blooms to come to show everyone.