Saturday, May 8, 2010

Off to the RBG Plant Sale

In spite of the winds (gusting to 100k) and the driving rain, I had a most magnificent time at the Royal Botanical Gardens gathering new plant friends for my garden. The more interesting photographs would have been the rain coming in the hoop houses at 180 degrees and the number of determined gardeners leaning into the wind trying to read tags, gather plants and hold on to their plants for dear life so their little branches wouldn't be broken in the wind. But, I was too busy doing exactly the same thing to pause to capture the moment.

The day started off quite brightly. The rain last night was so welcome. Everything has made a leap with the water and lightning.

And it looks as if I'm doing my part to feed the birds. Mr. Birdie, please hurry up and eat these little creatures before they devour the whole thing. Can you believe this one little creature has eaten so much? Talk about eating your body weight.

It was a challenge as the wind started to pick up to get a few garden shots that were in focus. It was the kind of day where I really didn't know what kind of shot I would have until I got back to my computer. These Allium are just starting to colour.

Another shot of Hosta montana macrophylla doing its best to hide the tulip leaves. Can you hear the tulips scream, "h e l p m e, I c a n t f e e l m y a r m s".

Epimedium with drops of water. Such a satisfactory plant.

A belly button shot of Euphorbia 'Fens Ruby'.

And some blue from Pulmonaria 'Blue Ensign' - because the preferred shot of the Mertensia virginica was out of focus.

Nice big and beefy leaf. You'd never guess the flowers were orange looking at it at this time of year would you.

No tidy segue here - when I returned from the RBG - checked out the Environment Canada site and saw that were forecasting frost this evening -2C (29F). So, quick like a little bunny, I rearranged the garage - found more plastic pots to take back to Loblaws - backed the car in halfway, emptied the contents of the hatch - scooped the plants along the house and now my dining room is full of beautiful blossoms. Mr. Bart enjoyed it all - running through the garden while I dashed back and forth, in and out. Noticed he made the shot - lower left.

The sale was great. I got and will show you later, weather permitting 2 Brugmansia - they were a meter high, well branched and get this, cost $15.00 each. The first was Maya - to replace the one that went to heaven - variegated, and more baby aspirin coloured flowers. The second is B. 'Miss Emily Mackenzie', a lovely large pink variety. From the annual house during the worst of the storm I picked up Fuchsia 'Tom West' (green/white/pink foliage) and 'Autumnale' (green/red/yellow foliage) - flowers are pink on both.

A couple of the perennials - a very sweet Epimedium sp. that I found in the 'we're not entirely sure what they are but they are worthy plant section'. It has a very pretty little red flower. The other is Clematis recta 'Purpurea'. It is more of a clump former. Really like the leaf colour.

And here's the rest of the new additions including 4 new hosta, a mini Solidago called 'Little Lemon' and a Corydalis quantmeyerana 'Chocolate Star' (it's going to be a while before that name flows off my lips easily....)

Garden Haul purchase $125. Happiness and enjoyment factor - well beyond that number. Talk to you again on Monday.


sailsmart said...

I wish I could have gone as there's nothing better than using a good non gardening day to just look and shop. If you want to buy rain barrels, we have an event at our club coming up. Here's the link

Northern Shade said...

New Epimedium foliage always looks so attractive with the red border around the leaves.

You found some great new plants while braving the monsoon. The shot of the plants huddling behind the window looks familiar. With our recent snowfall and frosts, mine have been in and out all week.

Barbarapc said...

N.S. I couldn't believe how badly you've been hammered with cold weather. Looks like this Thursday should be frost free date. Generally it's around the 9th - but this last blast of cold has just moved the date out a bit.

So true about the Epimedium - and this new one is especially contrasty with its red edge and green leaf.

Barry said...


Seems like we both struck paydirt with our recent plant sale outings. I am in total LUST with the Epimedium that you scored. That foliage is nothing less than stunning. The Corydalis.... for the longest time I expected a muddy coloured flower, but it really is quite attractive, on a plant that makes a formidable clump compared to its more delicate and diminutive siblings.

The Clem.... wait a year - the foliage is near black when it emerges. A wonderful clumper with masses of white flowers - a wonderful cascading effect if given something of a framework upon which to lean.

Well done! These are the weekend outings that make my toes tingle!