Monday, May 10, 2010

Pink Snow

On Saturday at the RBG plant sale the winds were amazing. As I'd turned down the drive to the Arboretum I noticed a flurry of pink snow swirling everywhere. On Sunday when Kevin, Bart and I went back for a walk and I was so pleased that the snow was still there.

Here's Bart having his Molly Ringwald moment.

Hard to believe that there were any petals left in the trees.

The lilacs are going to be at their peak this week - well ahead of the festival.
This is a Cercis canadensis 'Alba'. I'd never seen it in bloom. But of course now I want one and am trying to figure out if I have an area that is sheltered enough for it.

The tulips were looking just lovely.

Nothing better than spring green.

Taking a little break.

More tulips.

Everyone taking photos of everyone else.

I love 'Orange Queen' tulips. Will definitely have to find some for next year. I could have a real Creamsicle theme going on if I combine them with the White Redbud. (do you still call it a redbud if its white?)
And then a quick run over to our favourite trail. Looks like there was some wind damage.

Simply wonderful to see everything come back to life.

A very big North American aquatic rodent - the muskrat.

Aside from the muskrat, we saw all kinds of birds that we'd never seen before. How I long for another camera with a great big long lens....... However, Kevin would have never been able to drag me out and home. There were just too many photo opportunities.


Randy and Jamie said...

It must have taken FOREVER to plant all those tulips! Yes, Bart is definitely Pretty in Pink. LOL --Randy

Barry said...

Molly Ringwald! That brings back 'Brat Pack' memories for sure. You simply must find a sheltered location for that C. Canadensis 'Alba.' I have never seen one either, and it truly is awe inspiring! Hubby may have to try his hand at building a stone wall for you.....

Northern Shade said...

The blanket of pink petals is gorgeous. A little compensation for the branches losing their petals. It's tricky timing flowering trees, like lilac. My spring blooms are quite early this year, but it will probably even out my summer. Tulips are most impressive in large plantings like that.

Barbarapc said...

R&J - So glad I didn't have to do it. Although it must be a heck of a lot easier to do when the beds are all empty. I'm forever arguing with tree roots and perennials.
Barry - I love to watch men work. Good call on the stone wall. I think I've figured out where Cc'a' is going to go!
N.S. It will be interesting to see what lasts longer/shorter this year. All of a sudden we're having our April in May. I'm with you. I love those enormous displays of bulbs - wish there were more public gardens around here that did them.