Monday, June 28, 2010

Green Glorious Green

It's been hot.  It's been raining.  Everything is the most magnificent colour of green.  Yesterday Kevin and I took the Bartster to the Royal Botanical Gardens for a short hike.  Here's a quick boo of what we saw:

The Cherry Hill Gate had been a sad sight.  I was so glad to see that a new gate was being installed.

All the wild flowers are finished and the forest floor is awash in leafy-green.  This is so lovely, you almost don't notice the chain-link fence.

The light was very odd - a little foggy, a little cloudy and then bursts of bright sunlight.

When we stood on the little bridge spanning the pond, it sounded like a froggie banjo contest.  Kevin said, if we stand really still, we can probably see all sorts of wildlife - here's a Where's Waldo - can you spot the turtles?

The last leg of the walk looks gives you a great view as you walk up hill.

I took a quick dash out to the bridge to take a look to see how all the grasses were growing.

And then finally home - lunch was a great salad from the garden (and discovery of lettuce root aphids) and this spectacular find - a cicada that had just stepped out of its exoskeleton - look at the edge of green on the wing:

Needless to say - I left this lettuce to harvest another day.


threedogsinagarden said...

Great pictures of your walk. That is also a creepy looking bug! I would have given that lettuce leaf a pass too.

Barbarapc said...

And good news Jennifer, he's moved along - so I've got my eye on that lettuce again.

Peggy said...

Hi Barbara, great pictures everything looks so lush and green. We are enjoying a dry sunny summer for a change and are actually watering!Wonders never cease.
BTW I could not find the turtles?

Barbarapc said...

Hi Peggy - good to hear from you - must be great weather for all your veggies. The turtles are on the logs close to the centre/left of the frame. B.

Grace Peterson said...

Hi Barbara, I love your new blog digs! Seems a lot of bloggers are taking advantage of the new templates. Kudos to Google.

Those turtles are so cute. The cicadas, not so much. But very interesting indeed.

Looks like you and Kevin had a great time.

Knatolee said...

Wow, that looks like the tropics, not Ontario!!

ANd that last photo is amazing!!

PS I found the turtles!

Gail said...

it's pretty green here in the woods and hillsides around Nashville~Not quite as lush as yours though! I adore turtles on a log! gail