Monday, July 19, 2010


Kevin and I just got back - actually I fib, my body was back on Wednesday, my mind joined me today.  We had a terrific time - 4 days at the Angel Hotel in Bury St. Edmunds travelling about with a tour and then 7 days in London.

After one night in an airport hotel near Heathrow it was a delight to arrive at the Angel knowing that our home base was licensed not only for liquor, but for singing, dancing and other merry making.

Our room was accessed either from inside the hotel or down this courtyard - loved their glowie pots - seen them for sale, but never in action.

And across the street was the beautiful St. Edmundsbury Cathedral, the Abbey gardens, and wonderful old ruins dating back to the 11th century. 

We went to a choral evensong before dinner - not having been to church in a while, I'm glad to report I wasn't struck by lighting either on my way in or out. The youth choir did a lovely job.

Every pew had prayer kneelers that had been done by hand.

This is the Sensory Garden - originally called the Blind Garden and built in 1990.  Nothing like a nice old wall to give a garden a bit of charm.....

And a few more photos of the grounds.

Lovely old ruins.

And a few quick snaps from the gardens.

When I visit a garden, I always like to look around to see what I've learned.  My take-away thoughts - it almost doesn't matter what you've got in the garden, if you've got really old walls it all looks fabulous; lavender grows much better in England than it does here - if it doesn't look like this, don't grow it; and sometimes the old boring dependable plants - like petunias are the absolute right choice - the look of the Angel was made by the addition of the petunia window boxes.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip. The garden photos are beautiful- love the peach rose at the end.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the great peony tip. I think I might try wrapping them up and storing them in my spare fridge.

Gail said...

Really old walls would be a great addition to any garden! Wonderful photos Barbara~If I had to spend my vacation looking at just this garden I could be happy~But, I know there's more to come! gail

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, Nice photos. As a resident of the Pacific Northwest of the US, buildings and developments are "new" by comparison making it difficult to get that delightful look and feel of antiquity. Rocks, bricks and rusty things have the patina of age and at least point us in the right direction. Fortunately lavender and many other Mediterranean plants do very well here so, well let's just say lavender is ubiquitous. Okay by me.

Looks like a great trip. There is always so much to learn through observation, isn't there?

Glädjekällan said...

Can see that you have had a wonderful trip. Lovely photos!

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Lucky you!!!!
Hope you have lots more pictures to share.

Barbarapc said...

tdinag - We really enjoyed the country - so beautiful and the weather was gorgeous. The gal who explained the peony storage made it sound like it was as easy as storing carrots - hope it works well for you.
Gail - it was the favourite of several of the folks on the tour - so very pretty, and so wonderful to just be able to dance across the street to enjoy it.
Grace - truly lots to learn. Wanted to dig everything up and start again - much to the horror of everyone I've told...can understand why world travellers with tonnes of cash used to bring back whole rooms & buildings brick by brick - there's nothing to compare here. Still think the rose garden in Portland was the most beautiful I've every seen.
Birgitta - thank you, it was.
Deborah - something we'd always wanted to do and so glad to finally get over there after all these years. Wonder what my garden would have looked like had I gone over years ago.