Friday, September 3, 2010

A Muggy Tour Around the Back 40

Sadly we had very little rain last night - hopefully, we'll make up for it today (and I fear this long weekend as well).  More practicing with the camera - might as well show the bad shots so you can be amazed when the photos start to really look good!

Have had good luck with Oxalis in the garden this year.  Generally the larger forms seem to need a fair bit of water - however, just like the weedy form, the smaller seem to take the dry hot conditions.

You just know these plants come from good parents, if they can be without water, covered in mildew and spider mite and still bloom like crazy - I promise you this patch by my front hose will be pulled - weather willing this w/e.

I got this little dark leaved variety from the Toronto Botanical Gardens - going to try to save some over the winter.  It's a really good filler and dainty spiller.

It's smaller, yet feistier paler cousin from the same sale.  I'd pared it with a salvia that appears to be preparing to bloom sometime in December.  Same thing with the Asarina.  You know, I've grown both of these from seed and it took forever for them to bloom - do I learn, no, I read the plant tags and figure they know something I don't...

Here's a jazzy one from the grocery store in March - a purple ode to St. Patrick's shamrocks. 

And from Garden Import - five tiny little tiny bulbs turned into this luscious plant.

I'm so pleased I found an Acalypha - yes, I know for many folks they are like weeds, but for years, I've lusted after one, or six and now I have one - found it at Taylor Nursery.  I'll be sleeping with it over the winter.

Now, off the back deck and into the garden - have a look at some of the Quince crop:

There are so many - this bush stands higher than the fence, but look at how it is weighed down:

Another new plant child for the garden - Chasmanthium 'River Mist'.  I'm going to have to find a good shaded spot the ends of the leaves are being a little burnt.

If it wasn't pretty enough as it is - look at these adorable seed heads that are almost in focus!

and speaking of new children.  Looks like I've got a colony of Pinellia tripartita.  It would appear that the seed head falls as a clump - and rather than being dispersed - the seed covering rots away and they all just start growing where they're planted.  I'll have to make a little note - Pinellia are very late to emerge in the spring.  I'd hate to responsible for a mass murder.

Here's an older plant - quite nice fall colour and it has done well in the heat and dry.  Here are a few others that have impressed me with their ability to cope:

Saruma henryi - no flowers, but pretty darn respectable looking for a spring flowering plant.

Paul's Glory Hosta looking good.  Lost a tree on next door property - did really well considering how much sun gets into this previously dark area.

Again, another good plant for dry shade - Adiantum pedantum - Northern Maidenhair Fern.

As you can see, not all the Hosta did as well - Hosta Burnt Toast sits between Guacamole and Strip Tease.

Ok a few burns here and there, but H. Pineapple Upside Down Cake looks pretty good.

This brugmansia is blooming again in less than a month.  However, it's dropped 2/3s of its leaves - bit of a tart don't you think?

And the one on the other side of the patio is ready to roll - hoping they'll doing their thing at the same time - more photo-ops.  Amazing how the sun just scorched the white section out of this leaf.

A wonderful Hosta collector Mr. Dalziel gave me this species Hosta - the base of the flowers are dark pink.  Fortunately the plant has done much better than its tag....

And finally, my favourite leaf at the moment - it's a shame I haven't developed a taste for it - Shiso - or Perilla frutescens.  It's an annual that comes back year after year, and it looks great with Sedum, any orange flowers and Echinacea.


Gail said...

Okay, I've caught up with you and your adventures! Will the Subaru driver's insurance pay for your garden damage? Are you loving your new camera? My goodness your temps were almost as bad as ours! Did you get the Panasonic~I might not have read carefully and missed that!!! Are you having fun? I am trying to decide which dslr to get~It seems like a lot of money! I adore River Mist! I am hoping the seeds breed true! gail

Gail said...

ps How are you doing Barbara?

Barry said...

Here's hopin you shared in the rain tha we got today - a torrential downpour for the better part of half hour.
Loving that we are sharing the same plants this year once again: Saruma, Pinellia, H. Pineapple.... though mine is looking worse for wear this summer! Rain definitely in the forecast for tomorrow.... lets keep our fingers crossed though!

Carol said...

Lovely lovely foliage Barbara. Good luck with getting some rain! WE need it too. I am excited to have quince for the first time. How do you know when it is ripe? ;>)

Barbarapc said...

Gail, still don't have the police report to get his name....I'm warming to the new Panasonic. Wanted a Canon - loved my old camera so much, but didn't like the new improved version - so made the switch. It's less expensive than my old camera - does a lot more. As camera person said, "They're trying to make it a small pocketable alternative for people are serious camera people." I never even thought that I might get children from River Mist - am most hopeful too.
Gail - am fine - in the midst of planning next upcoming trip!
Barry - you can really see who has the irrigation systems and who doesn' - moi. I can't believe the weeds this year.
Carol - good question - waited until mine were golden and used an old recipe and baked them - some old recipes where meant to be lost. I've never tasted anything so horrid. If you find a good way of preserving them - would love to read about it!

Knatolee said...

You do have the most gorgeous garden!