Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Morning Walk with Bart and the New Camera

It's the 4th day of 32C plus temperatures here in Oakville - with the humidex they're talking about 40C 104F.  Really far hotter than we're used to.  I got out a bit late with dear Bart for our morning walk and was ready to throw myself into a tub with ice upon my return.  Kevin had filled his water bowl to the brim with cubes and he's on the floor now refreshed and fast asleep.

Not too many shots today.  Find my learning curve is completed when I come back to load them all onto my computer.  Can see where I would have preferred to have faster shutter speed, or perhaps smaller aperture to change the focus within the frame. 

This is the dog park toward the end of my walk - I really appreciate the large viewing screen at the back of the camera.  Slows me down and makes me pay attention to the composition of the photo.

When the light is flat like today - it's good to have some clouds so that the lake doesn't melt into the sky.

One of my favourite wild flowers - Solidago - and as long as you don't stick the flowers up your nose - it doesn't add to your hay fever.

One of these days I'll make this trip sans Bart - it can be a real challenge to focus with him wrapping himself around my feet on the hunt for squirrels.

I like it when folks do the best with a tricky situation.  Can you imagine what this would be like if it was all paved.  So much nicer with the grass.

I'm going to be very curious to see what they do with these solid pieces of stone.  As you know, some of us dream of Versailles - others do it.  Should be fun to watch.


Barry said...

Always fun to have a new toy to try out! I must agree that Solidago is a wonderful plant. I have been looking for the native dwarf - S. caesia - with blue tinted foliage.

Barbarapc said...

Barry, that sounds wonderful - I've got so many holes in the garden right now - a puff of short yellow with glaucus leaves would be perfection.

Knatolee said...

I just extracted some nice goldenrod honey from our hives. We have lots of it on the farm and I really like it, as do the pollinators. It gets a bad rap that is undeserved.