Monday, October 18, 2010

Flu Brain

Last week thought I was coming down with THE COLD that everyone seems to have.  Sadly, it appears to have morphed into a Petit Flu - I feel just bad enough to find endless hours of Food Television fascinating.  Tried to read a biography about Benjamin Franklin last week and the words on the page seemed to blob together like frog egg glue.  Did the groceries and came back with an interesting assortment of food-products bearing little relation to those I actually needed or wanted really.  Proof positive I was not of sound mind - there was not a package of ice cream in the lot.

Meanwhile, life continues in the garden and there are a whack of tropicals yelling "Save Me!"  It would be deafening, except my hearing seems to have been affected/infected too, and the chorus of S.O.S. just sounds like my a bunch of Chatty Cathys with malfunctioning voice-boxes.  However, I'm just of sound-enough-mind to realize this is no longer - a "should", but a "MUST".  There is a threat of frost on Wednesday.

What my brain can't absorb, I'm hoping my camera will be able to show & when I'm feeling better, I'll come back to have a look to see what it was that I saw on Sunday.  Kevin and I headed off to my mother-ship, the Royal Botanical Gardens, and did our walk across the marsh.  It was incredible to see how many people have discovered this fabulous walk - the parking lot was full  - we got one of the last spots. 

 I had hoped to capture a little more fall colour - unfortunately this woodland isn't populated by those wonderful gaudy maples I adore. 

Look there are actually people out and about.  Still quite a bit of green isn't there.  The oaks will be colouring over the next few weeks.

It was 18C (64F) - a real gift of a day for us this time of year.  And, so lovely and sunny.

There were several groups of folks behind me who were kind enough to wait while I took my shot.

Kevin and the Bart-ster marching along.  It was Bart's special birthday - one year ago on this Sunday that we brought him home from the Hamilton SPCA.

The movement in the marsh grasses was gorgeous.  Found it fascinating that each variety made its own sound.

The low afternoon light sparkled on the tips of the grass blades.

Climbed up on a bench to see how these grasses looked from up above.

There is lots of food for the birds.  However,

they appear to prefer to be hand-fed.  Isn't it remarkable how some women can look elegant even when they're going for a trek through the woods?

The ducks and geese were absolutely still, just floating about in the still area of the marsh.

Children on an afternoon woodland adventure.

And a couple of shots of gold to finish with:

This last shot was for Kevin - he stopped right here and said, "You just have to take this photo - look at the light coming through the woods!"

Nothing like a walk in the woods to make me feel a million times better.  And come to think of it I really must be on the mend - I haven't thought about Food-TV in at least 12 hours!


Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Ironically, you are very funny when you are sick. That was a very amusing post.

Gosh, I hope you feel better soon!

Enjoyed taking the walk with you. Lovely pictures. There is no better time of year for a walk on the wild side. All that fall color! Glorious!

I also read the previous post. I have a million plant tags too. Mine are all stapled into a binder, but it needs updating drastically.

P.S. I like watching the Food Network too. It must be contagious!

Barbarapc said...

Jennifer - I think if you can't have others help you enjoy your misery - there's absolutely no point in being miserable. Bought Nigella's new book at Costco based on her Bites program - 'Kitchen' is massive - if I'm going to do any cooking from it, I'd better start doing curls with it.