Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Glorious Fall Colour

Took this shot in the middle of the road in front of my house.  Perhaps not the wisest thing to do given the way folks drive in this neighbourhood, but it was the only way to really show how fabulous the leaves are looking in the hood.  Must admit that while I was snapping had this black thought: "Barbara left this world doing what she enjoyed most, walking with Kevin and her dear dog Bart, and taking photographs of nature and gardens."  However, I know I'm not alone in this pursuit of the better blog photo - the more dicey the photo-get, the better the tale.

Aren't these the most divine Pines?  They suffer being so close to the road, but frankly I think that this is what gives them such character.

Yesterday, got a few more things in the house - well, actually just closer to the door of the house, but that certainly counts too.  I also planted up some new bits and pieces - a Leucanthemum 'Daisy May' by Proven Winners; Hydrangea 'Mystical Flame', Buddleia 'Miss Ruby'; Hosta 'Empress Wu' and a Hachonachloa that is white and green and already has no tag.  Will have to go through my papers, it's one of the plants I brought back from the Garden Writers meeting in Dallas.  It was great to get them all in the ground.

Love the colour of this tree - wish someone would appoint me Grand Arbiter of Tree Pruning - I'd definitely have left this to grow as it wanted and moved the sign instead.

Here's my ash tree looking all yellow gold and gorgeous.

I even enjoy the little shocks of colour here and there. 

The colour makes even the dullest of items look photo-worthy.

Back at home again, the Hamamelis is starting to turn.  On Sunday I found a wild form.  It's leaves and flowers were exactly the same colour.   This one seems to bloom on or around St. Paddy's Day - snow or no snow.

This is the first year my Hydrangea quercifolia was devoured (the flowers) by Japanese Beetles.  I missed my opportunity to use my bucket of death - by the time I'd returned from my trip to England, they had all signed up for Weight Watchers and my flowers were a mere memory.  Aren't these leaves a great colour?!

This is Hydrangea 'Decorative Easter Grocery Store Plant'.  I've had it for about 10 years.  It even withstood errant traffic.

The order of the photos is a little schizophrenic - it looks like we've just jumped back to the park:

And a jump back once again to my garden - looks like it's time for the Cabbage Party!  Coleslaw, cabbage rolls, cabbage soup - rooty toot toot!

Still getting tomatoes - although they don't have the same flavour, I'm roasting them at a high temp with olive oil and a little salt & then garnishing with basil - which still looks and tastes fabulous.

And, just one more photo - an update on the Heptacodium (Seven Son Tree).  Blooms in September, then the sepals turn red giving the appearance of flowers in October.....well, it looks like I'm starting to get some colour here.  All that is needed to enjoy it is a ladder and binoculars.  Now, what is supposed to happen is that these leaves will fall off and all will be clear and colourful.  I'll keep you posted.


Meems said...

Oh, I'm loving seeing the fall colors even if it is only in pictures. It must be just lovely to walk out your door and have all those leaves adding so much beauty to your world!! Good idea with the tomatoes... love them roasted, too.

(verification word: exesses HA!)

Northern Shade said...

Streets look fantastic when the large boulevard trees meet overhead, and your block is especially showy with the Autumn colours. We have more yellows and golds here, but not as many fiery reds thrown into the Fall colour scheme.

Why I garden... said...

Hi Barbara, I've enjoyed looking at your blog and the Autumn colour is fab. The cabbages look tempting. The dog looking up in your previous blog post is a real cutie (I'm a sucker for animals!) Thanks for visiting my blog as well. N Ireland.

Barbarapc said...

Meems - I'm glad to share. It is positively glorious right now. However, it looks like the weather after a pretty balmy day - 60F or so - is changing to cold and stormy tonight. They're saying it looks like snow just 50 miles north of here. Ugh. Looking forward to putting the oven on for those tomatoes & all that basil I've rescued from certain death.
N.S. Wish we had more streets that looked like this. Something magnificent about walking under the arms of a mature golden tree.
W.I.G - thanks for stopping by. Isn't it amazing being able to see all these gardens around the world?!