Monday, January 17, 2011

Looking from the Inside Out

It's -19C this am.  Minus something much colder when you factor in the wind-chill.  Plus there are the most marvelous Hollywood snowflakes fluttering all about - so I'm inside looking out.  I always tell folks when they're putting together a design for a garden, that you have to consider what you'll be looking at when you're sitting inside with your coffee looking out.  Here's what captured my eye from the windows this morning:

 He had his tail puffed up as wide as it could go for comfort.

Bart chose to get a little closer to watch.

The light was very low - most of these shots were taken at 1/30th of a second.

 This grand old tree is 4 neighbours down - love the kink in the lower branch.

Snow soap on hairy legs.....Heptacodium.

 The snow really looks like tiny dots of cotton.

 Alas on the Taxus, it looks like a craft project gone bad.

Good all-round interest for this Chasmanthium.

Snow on the Japanese Maple by the dining room window.

Here's one of my favourite photo subjects seen through one of the old 1950s windows.

And again, only a little more up close and personal.

One of the reasons not to put in new windows - frost photo opportunities!

Here's the top of the trellis you can see from Kevin's office up close..... and then a little further away. 

As I'm typing this - about an hour from when I took the photos - it has all changed.  The sun has come out and with it, the wind - all those pretty stuck on bits of snow have blown away.  Making for new photo opportunities later today! 


Carol said...

It looks a lot like this where I am too Barbara. Lovely but cold!! It was minus 9 F the other morning.

Gail said...

Barbara, That's really a lot of snow!
We had a bit but, it's melted and left all the brown showing! I think the taxus looks like a piece of pipe cleaner art I made as a kid! I grew up with those frosty windows~They were fun back then, too. gail

Kim and Victoria said...

Nice snow pics. We seem to be in the middle of a heat wave, clear up to 55˚F today. Crazy.

Meredehuit ♥ said...

You've really captured the beauty in Winter. Beautiful shots!

Grace Peterson said...

Hi Barbara, Beautiful photos. Winter has its charms, for sure. I love the Northern Sea Oats. I picked mine and brought them in but maybe next year I'll let winter have her way with them. Just beautiful! Stay warm.