Monday, January 24, 2011

-20C and Sunny

I'd first labeled this post coldcoldcold....but just couldn't do it.  As an ex-Montrealer (a million years ago), any whining about cold weather that doesn't freeze your face or reduce a man's moustache to silver frost in less than a minute is well, just plain tedious.  And, as luck would have it we're going to get snow later on today - another 5cm or so, so it's going to get warmer (a balmy -8) - so good news all around - and no point at all in complaining.

I've always thought it was magical the way the sun can find that spot between my shoulder blades on cold but sunny days, beam through the layers of wool and fancy man-made fibers to give me a patch of solar warmth on my skin.

Not too surprisingly with the latest few dumps of snow, there's really not too much going on in the garden.  The winter interest stuff (the stuff that still is above the snow)  really starts to look a bit beaten up and down by this time of the winter.  So, it was off to the lake for a few snaps.  Hard to see in the one above, but the lake was dancing with tails of mist.

The light was not the best for photos, but oh-so wonderful for the soul.

I've tipped the lake into the landscape - so hard to see the screen while I was taking the shot - it was one of those pictures that I took on spec - not having a clue what it was going to look like in the end.  Wonder how the gal on shore fared with her shots?

Kevin said, "If there was every any doubt about the warmth of goose down - all you have to do is look at these geese."  This area of Lake Ontario often freezes - although not this year - inspite of this last cool patch.  Just shows how warm the summer was.


Susanne said...

beutiful photos!

the winter is not so tough here, only around 0°C nowdays :)

Peggy said...

Hi Barbara, fabulous snow shots on the lake!!We had an all time low of -14c up the country,I don't think I would ever survive -20c! Snow is long gone here and hopefully Spring is in the air.

Carol said...

Oh, Barbara I think your photos are fabulous! The light is beautiful and I am sure it felt good. It is very cold here too. -18F last night! Only -3 tonight. I agree about the geese! Very clever. What a lovely place!

Barbarapc said...

Susanne, the colder weather does indeed make for lovely photos - there are many days I long for a more temperate winter.
Peggy, thanks. -14C - so much for global warming! That's positively unreal for Ireland isn't it? Just read about your plans for vegetables - truly spring is on your doorstep.
Carol - it seems that many of us across the continent are sharing this cold weather. Yikes'll really have to sharpen those skates! Your -3 is our -19C. How do you find your camera batteries last in the cold?

Grace Peterson said...

Hi Barbara, Brrr... I don't mind saying it. I love your photos though. I hope you stay warm.

Linda said...

Beautiful lake shots. I can see the mist skimming above the waves, and that it must indeed be cold, cold, cold!

Knatolee said...

Such pretty lake pictures. I love the one with the sun and the benches.