Friday, February 4, 2011

More Sunshine After the Snow

 Everything is still so pretty after the storm on the 2nd.  I'd say we got about 20 cm or so (not even as high as Bart the Jack Russell).  Not enough to close schools and make everyone storm the stores for milk and bread in the past, but apparently in our be afraid world, it is now.  Sometimes the best holidays are those that come to us by surprise - nothing like being able to put a guilt-free X through a day's must-do list because it is snowing.

Yesterday we dusted off the car and drove to the Royal Botanical Gardens for a quick walk.  Should have worn my snowpants for warmth - but otherwise the beauty of it all took my mind off my cold knees.  This patch of the trail is down low and completely sheltered from the wind.   We were on the trail for about 30 minutes - look how the light changed from when we first passed to when we returned:

We were surprised to see how well the trail had been packed down.  Obviously parents and children made the dangerous trek into the woods on the snow day.

The wind really roars through this section.  Saw and heard a great swoosh swirling up against the trees.

I'd forgotten to bring feed with me.  All the birds seemed to be hanging around waiting for a handout.

It was at this point we decided to turn around and head back.  It does look cold, doesn't it?

 Beige birds on beige bush.

Just think, by April there will be buds everywhere!

We came home on Lakeshore Road - had Kevin do a U-ee - just had to get out to take a picture.  This ice had built up over the last few days - looks like an enormous ice-damn.  Could walk for ages along the shore.  Just to give you an idea - the rocks are about where the shore normally is.

This is what caught my eye as were driving by!

And since I was here - might as well take another picture.

Here, you can see how it was formed - these little ice balls where thrown up by the rough waves until a wall had formed.

Sometime over the next few days - especially if the wind is up, will have to try to get back to take more pictures.  Should be interesting to see what happens over the next few weeks.


Grace Peterson said...

Wow. It amazes me how much winter-cold can change a landscape. Beautiful photos, Barbara. My knees are cold just thinking about it.

Linda said...

You do have such spectacular ice! We have been following the storm over here - you are really having a tough winter.

Gail said...

Brr, that is icy cold looking Barbara. I am such a winter wimp, but, it sure is beautiful. Did Bart accompany you and Kev or was it too cold? gail keep warm and safe...

Knatolee said...

Love the photos! THanks for sharing your day. The cardinal is so pretty.

Peggy said...

Hi Barbara,-20 is freezing no matter how brave you are about it!Fantastic photos of the snowy landscape.I hope Spring comes soon to you!

Kim and Victoria said...

That does look freezing. Hope you've warmed up by now.