Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Paddy's Day & More From Canada Blooms

A glorious and happy St. Paddy's Day to all.  Let me just reassure you that Bart's day improved immeasurably as soon as the photo session came to an end.

More from my visit to Canada Blooms yesterday.  One of my favourite sections is the Ontario growers who present a sampling of what they've got in their greenhouses at the moment.  Thought the yarn wrapped tulips were adorable.

Something I'll just appreciate rather than do.  Can imagine Hercules the Cat trying to figure where the end was in all this marvelous wool.

It will be May until we see any outdoor Azaleas around.  These will have to do in the interim.

I'm not an African violet fancier, but did think the display of minis all balled up together was pleasant.

Yeah Hellebores!

Don't think I've ever found stems as long as these at the supermarket - must be shipped to florists instead.

Now, for the marketplace.  Look at those marvelous hybridized Blue Orchids  (Second in beauty and dash only to the rare Blue Carnation!)

Under the doozie category take a look at what this vendor had:   a geometric extravaganza that flows and steams!

 Should that not be enough, how about a pond that burbles, steams and glows next to twinkling flowering cherries!

 Well, for some folks, that isn't enough either, so here's something that burbles, glows, steams and flames!

And if you're still feeling like you're missing something....I defy you to leave Canada Blooms without your very own Brass Crazy Legs Spitter!

I'm back to tour again tomorrow with a good buddy - more pictures to come. 

March 16th waiting for the GO on the way home.


Peggy said...

Hi Barbara,warm sunny colours all around surely enough to chase the winter blues away?!
I love Bart's specs!

Barbarapc said...

While the weather is a bit dreary, there's nothing like a bunch of flowers to cheer me up. Funny how Bart didn't fancy those glasses....

Knatolee said...

What an adorable pic of Bart! And I haven't been to Canada Blooms for something like 15 years... I will have to schedule a trip to Toronto for that sometime!