Sunday, March 20, 2011

News From Canada Blooms & Rambles at the Royal Botanical Gardens

It looks as if Canada Blooms may be joining forces with the annual home show in Toronto next year.  Apparently they (Landscape Ontario & the folks who own the Home Show) are in talks about combining these two shows.  What's being looked at is a longer show - perhaps 10 days. 

While I suppose there's all sorts of economy to be had by combining the two, I can't help but think that it isn't a good thing for those of us who go for the flowers.  Frankly I'd prefer to put my hand in a blender than go to the Home Show, or should I say put my hand in a foaming hot red marblized whirling hot-tub, or maybe the silver-12 seater, or the blue one with the glowing lights, or perhaps the green one with the mug holders.

Oh well, the only thing you can count on is change these days - so fingers crossed it all works out well, and I'm back drinking in my flowers at the Direct Energy Centre at about this time next year.

Met up with my good friend Gill on Friday.  Her husband Bob Young, the new mayor of the Township of the Lake of Bays was involved with 18 other mayors from around the province in a plant-a tree-competition on the main stage of Canada Blooms.  Blindfolded, they were aided by some able Boy Scouts in the mission to become the #1 tree planter.  Not sure who won, but Bob (in the bold plaid) was magnificent.  This event was put together to publicize the goal of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Communities in Bloom to plant millions of native trees over the next 10 years. 

Last week when it was warm - over 50F (zowie!!!!, it's 32 today) Kevin and I took little Bart off to the Royal Botanical Gardens to see what's percolating.  Rather than take our usual route we went straight up the hill and off into the mud.  As you can see, it's all pretty beige at the moment, but if you look closely there were so many signs of spring.

Two swans a' swimming.

The Canada Geese taking a stroll on the bits of remaining ice.

The first part of the trail takes you up a slight hill.

Put this is so you can see the mud.  I cannot begin to describe how our boots smelled when we got back into the car....ah spring!

Madison the Muskrat eating his greens.

I adore it when the bits of dogwood start to glow even redder getting ready to show their leaves.

Madison's home.

 Hooray - children and mums outside going for a walk!

Every bit of semi-solid ground was occupied by nesting water birds.

Leaving the walkway, we headed up the other side of this wonderful marsh.

If you peer through these branches you might be able to see just how many birds are squatting on this little grassy island.

 The end of this walk we cross over our favourite bridge.    Eyesight test - the swans are two white dots toward the ridge of trees on the right hand side.

When I look at this now, I'm wondering just how quickly I can get back to see what other changes have taken place.  Note to self - bring plastic bag & tie for boots.  It'll make that trip home just a little sweeter.


Peggy said...

Spring is slow in coming to you but the signs are defintely there! I love to walk these days to stretch my legs and breathe after the long winter.

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

I am sad to hear that they are combining the two shows! I am with you about preferring to put my hand in the blender rather than going to a home show. As it was, I came away a little disappointed with Canada Blooms 2011.

Anonymous said...

Landscape Ontario executive director explains next year's Canada Blooms and Home Show.