Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Sprinter!

I heard the weather man use this term and I thought it was absolutely perfect.  The moment I think of spring I think of flowers and green grass and new plants and no boots and no coats and I get all excited.  According to the calendar it is spring.  According to the weather a few days ago, it felt like spring. 

But, I ask you, does this look like spring to you?

No it's Sprinter!  That marvelous in-between season that will bring us 15 cm of snow/ice pellets and freezing rain today - and hopefully a quick and painless defrost in the days ahead. 


Glädjekällan said...

You still have winter! The Spring is here :-)

Barry said...

I have been trying my damnest to ignore old man winter's reprise, but with close to 8" of snow that has fallen in the past twelve hours, its damned hard! The are forecasting sun for the next two days though......

Knatolee said...

And it's so cold, too!!!

Hang in there. Next week looks better.