Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Calm Before the Vet

It was indeed calm while I loaded the photographs to this post.  That changed at 11:00 when I took both Bart and Hercules to the vet.  Hercules, for a 4.4 kilo cat sure packs a lot of muscle; I was practically doing windmills with my arm that was holding his cage.  At the vet's office he managed to tumble his cage from a chair onto the floor scaring poor Bart into the shakes - that was until he discovered there were treats there.   Vet visit went well - $290 later - two pets for the price of what our dear Saint Agatha used to be - armed with heartworm medication and a shot certificate for Herc - we're done for the next 6 months.

During my quick spin around the garden this a.m. I discovered that it was pollen central.  Everything was covered.

The Aruncus dioicus is just starting to bloom.  Such a dependable perennial.

A trick photograph - can you guess what it is?

It is a Trollius seedhead resting perfectly in the neck of Saruma leaf.  Here's what the real seedheads look like.  The little seeds just roll out and onto the ground.  It's taken many years, but I finally I have a few extra plants to share.  The leaves are some of the softest, furriest I've ever felt.

A lovely unusual colour in a sea of green.

Macro shot of the day.  Fly & chippie poop on cedar rail.

Was surprised to find this little creature at the base of the bird bath.....

And, a little closer you can see Pinellia tripartita.  Folks, if you want to try aroids from seed, I'd recommend it.  Not only is the germination good, it doesn't appear to be overly fussy about what kind of soil it likes.....

The weather has been downright weird.  This week is roughly half the temperature of last week (in C doesn't work in F).  Yesterday's high was about 16C which is a smidge over 60F.  The good part is many plants seemed have progressed so far and stopped.  This poppy has lasted for a week.  Love the fact the colour has bled from the edges.

Verbascum 'Sugar Plum' is two different colours - the older paler blossoms aren't falling off before the new darker buds begin which is something I've never seen. Perhaps the cold again?

Also noticed the new Calycanthus florida blossoms aren't getting the brown, round stuntie shapes - definitely more elegant looking.  See the difference between the blooms at the bottom of the stems compared with those at the top.

So, a bit of a short post today - really have to get outside to tackle another bed.  When I reseeded the lawn I discovered how well the grass took in the garden beds to my chagrin.  I've got one of those spin-o-rama grass seeders rather than the drop and roll.  While it gives me a great feeling of accomplishment as the seed sprays everywhere, at that moment when I'm down on my hands and knees yanking, I long for those old V-shaped roll and drop varieties that Dad used to have.


Barry said...

Vet bills always fill one with trepidation! The price just to walk through the front door... frightening!

Alas, onto the garden! I too adore Saruma, the soft foliage, the brilliant yellow flowers, the fact that it does divide easily and then bulk up within a season or two! I have a list of people wanting divisions. I am constantly being brow beaten for not sharing some of my more choice and rare plants at the hort sale, but Barbara, it takes a special gardening friend to warrant the division of my special children - I am sure you can relate!

I have always wanted to try Calycanthus - Hartledge Wine and Venus in particular, but find them too pricy for the miniscule size of the specimens that look lost and pathetic in a one gallon pot.

I noticed a Pinellia coming up - nowhere near the plant that I posted about last week. It's foliage leaves me shrugging - almost shredded in comparison to Pinellia. Yet another oddity that captured my attention in years gone by! These plesant surprises are what keeps me on my toes! Your garden is looking spectacular!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Barbara I understand the BIG kitty issues .. I have a Siberian (Emma) who is near to 15 pounds and still growing .. Sophie is part Himalayan and Main Coon so you know she is a big girl too .. and yes (cough snicker ..) 2 pets for the price of TWO pets !! hehehe
I love your pictures girl ! Especially the BIG Goatsbeard .. I just took some this morning too with the sun behind it making it glow .. they are fantastic corner stone plants for impact aren't they!
Your plants are thriving and the little creatures living there must be very happy too .. the fly on the chippie poop is too funny ! reminds me of the movie "The Fly" hehehe
Foliage is a weakness for me .. almost more than the flowers themselves .. because flowers pass on so quickly but foliage is there for the whole season and more !
Yours is wonderful girl !

Barbarapc said...

Barry - and, if you do donate something wild and wonderful, chances are in the mad crush of the sale, no one will really know what it is and appreciate it - much prefer sharing with those who show a real interest. Now, the Calycanthus, think you might be pushing it in your zone especially if you're having to pay an arm and a leg.
CGJ - thx so much. My....those are big kitties - they could probably take Herc in about 30 seconds flat! I'm with you on the goatsbeard - a fabulous plant, and even more fabulous in really cold climates - the best I ever saw grew in Quebec City - was easily double the size of mine.