Thursday, June 16, 2011

Glorious Gardening Days

Yesterday was a gardener's gift; so perfectly bright, sunny, breezy and just warm enough.  I tackled a long list of chores including mowing the lawn with my new reel mower from Canadian Tire.  Very pleased with my new toy.  It's wider than the old one, so I feel I'm really accomplishing something as I push it 'round the garden.

Below is a test Bloomerang Lilac that I've had now for about 3 years.  This is the first year I've been really impressed with the amount of blossom.  I think the problem was the plant was too small to perform.  In April, when I spoke to the grower from Sheridan who is producing these for Loblaw, she said the key to a good fall performance (hence the name Bloomerang) is to cut back the blossoms after it has finished blooming.  It gives me the shivers to cut back a lilac, but on the experts advice, I'm going to get in there and give it a good clip tomorrow.

Here's H. 'Pink Lipstick' - another I was able to trial.  What an excellent plant - gets to a good size quickly and think you'll agree it is well named.

  I adore this little blue Veronica.  It really deserves to be woven with another plant.  I've propped it up other years with twigs, but waited a bit too long this time for it to look natural.  Will have a good look around the garden to see who might be a good match.

Some of the Allium coming to their floral end.

More of the Dalinova Hypnotica.

Divided the Sedum into three - and as if on command all three have exactly one section that has started to go green.  A quick yank put an end to that nonsense!

This teeny weeny little fern lives in the moss by the shady side of the house.  Great green - hard to believe there wasn't a light directly on it. 

Sadly, not all the plants were having a good day.  Here's Echium rubrum looking like he's been drinking beer in the sun all afternoon.

As one Allium fades, another takes its place.

If you wait long enough to do your weeding, you really can see the difference!

It looks like Eupatorium 'Gateway' drank the other half of that case of beer.  For such a strong looking plant, it really starts to fuss when it doesn't get what it wants.  In this case, it would be water - we haven't had any for a week.

Adiantum pedatum - delicate looking, yet tough.

 And one last shot from the back garden.  Glass of wine in hand, camera in the other, I'll leave you with  Athyrium 'Ghost & Lady(s) In Red and some woodland Anemone - that finally decided they really do like it in my garden.

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