Thursday, June 30, 2011

Now the Fun Part Starts

I can't remember a cooler June, we've had the a/c on only once.  Only 20C/65F yesterday and not too much warmer today.  In the garden everything is later:  the roses are just starting to bloom; the lettuce is still harvestable and delicious; the horse chestnut down on the corner is just now in its glory - at least 10 days later than usual. 

And I'm in lockstep with the garden, so very late with my Spring go-through, as I call it.  However, it is finally done and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have all the serious edging, weeding, cutting back, spring bulb mess ridding, shrub pruning, veggie garden tidying finished.  When I pulled that last weed, a brilliant calm came over me, knowing that I've finally put my hands on practically every inch of the garden.  

Yes, I know there are more insects, more weeds, passels of errant branches, blights and gooey surprises to appear, but they just don't hold me in their thrall. I've finally moved to the fun part of my gardening season where I can plant myself on my broadside and weed, looking up at all the wonderful flowers, leaves and creatures in my garden knowing that all is well.

While we have had coolish weather, and plenty of rain, when it's bright, it's been very bright and windy. I've been disappointed at not being able to capture things as my eyeballs see them.  Photos have been either very noisy, or underexposed as if the camera were taking pictures on the tiniest apeture and then squeezing its little eye muscles shut even further.  Thinking very seriously about a monopod.

Athyrium 'Ghost' quite lovely.

Award goes to the most schizophrenic plant - Hydrangea 'Yellow Wave'.  Different every year.  This year more yellow on the inside and white on the outside.  All together too much with C. 'Josephine'.

The Astrantias is at its best now.  Think it would look better near a quieter plant.

One of the good things about it being sooooo cool is that the Tricyrtis 'Lightning Strike' leaves haven't melted down in the heat as they've done in other years.

This is a come-with-the-house fern - good form next to the Aruncus.

I bought two Brugmansia from the RBG last year.  Torchured it through the winter in the basement.  Glad to see that it's starting to look like a real plant again.

World's most disappointing Geranium below - 'Splish Splash'.   Sort of like that handsome yet useless boyfirend - the photo is 10x better than the real item.

And some new toys from Terra Nova.  These have been in the ground for a month and look like they're going to do very well:  Heucherella 'Yellowstone Falls'.  I love it when the plant looks like the tag!

Tiarella 'Oregon Trails'.  Can't tell where the tag ends and the plant starts.

So pretty this year.  Seem to really like the conditions.

And that's that for today and June.  Have a very happy Canada Day tomorrow.  May the sunshine brightly on all your activities wherever you live.

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