Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday from the Royal Botanical Gardens

Our roadsides are dotted with the blues of Viper's Bugloss - Echium vulgare at the moment.  However, deep within the forested trails at the RBG everything is unbelievably green.  Most of blossoms have completed their cycle of bloom just as the leaf canopy blocked out the direct sunlight. 

Run squirrels, run - little boys on the loose.

At the bottom of the hill, there is an opening.  The vegetation changes and is dotted with a few sunny flowers of Erigeron philadelphicus or Fleabane.

This bog-lover - Yellow Skunk Cabbage Lysichiton americanus has lost its wonderful yellow flowers, but now has magnificent green beefy leaves.

At this point, I regret not having photographed the leaves more carefully - is it a Cinquefoil or Ranunculus?

Lovely White Campion - Silene latifolia.  Yet another wildflower that has come from another continent.

Oh look!  More! Canada Geese!

A rose growing in a swamp - but bearing very little resemblance to a Swamp Rose - Rosa vulgaris.

Wild, and flowering, but not technically a wildflower.  A lovely viburnum & flashes of monarch.

Many of the wild plants are escapees from gardens around the area.  This Lonicera's fragrance was magical.

My guess is a riverbank grape - Vitus riparia?  Another plant with an intoxicating scent.

And one last view of the creek - all wonderful and green.

Here's some Soponaria officinalis or Bouncing Bet which according to the Audubon source is a nickname for a washerwoman.  Just shows the world was indeed a different place many years ago long before high efficiency washing machines and activity focused undergarments. 


Gail said...

It looks like a wonderful park Barbara. We have lots of full time resident Canada Geese. Rumor has it they love country music. Love the flash of Monarch Butterfly~and would love to catch the scent of Riverbank grape sometime. gail

Dianne Venetta said...

Gorgeous! Makes me want to be there with you! Thanks for sharing...

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Cinquefoil leaves look like strawberry leaves.

Looks a lovely place to walk.


Barbarapc said...

Gail - they're everywhere. I understand they got their love of country from Hank Snow who was born in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia. Had he only stayed put....
Dianne - it's a wonderful place to visit and my go-to-place on the weekend to unwind.
Lucy - thanks for that probably more ranunculus then.

Tammie Lee said...

so many treasures on your walk. That was a lot of squirrels for one spot. Thank you for sharing this beauty.

Peggy said...

Hi Barbara, beautiful photos, the different shades of green have their own beauty.
I love the squirrels,so many of them in one place