Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More List than Life

I'm taking Gail's http://www.clayandlimestone.com/ advice and starting the day with a big breath and some easy pleasant thoughts.  Bart too decided he wasn't going to be part of any day that didn't include a lot of stopping and sniffing.  So my day of great commotion and getting things done, seems to have melted into a quieter sort of day.  

The weather today is cloudy and unseasonably warm - I swear our seasons have shifted by 3 weeks - spring cold until May - fall warm until November.   When I'm walking in the morning I try to give myself a photo project - today's challenge was photographing beautiful trees I want to adopt.   I'll post them a little later on.  There were a couple of trees, I'd never noticed and am going to have to do a bit of work on their id.  But not today.  

Today's photos are from a sunny walk Bart and I took last week.  It was one of those days where I just couldn't imagine a day ever looking or being better.  In the spirit of talking things a little slower and enjoying moments as they come, here's what I saw down by the lake.

I wasn't able to quite capture the leaf colour until I was on the lake trail...

Isn't this over-the-top fabulous?

There's still more green yet to bleed away to reveal the leaves true colours.

Hmmm.  Pretty clear, but still that bit of pollution hanging over the lake.

So pretty to have a moon gate.

Bart marches along beside me on the top of these rocks - I think he enjoys being "up high".

This is a photo I'll come back to in the months ahead to remember the sun, the colour, the shadows and the sound of the lake and all those brilliant unscheduled things that are part of my day.

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Kim and Victoria said...

VERY pretty pics. Fall has just been gorgeous around here also. I like the new look on your blog.