Monday, November 7, 2011

That One Extra Hour

And what a glorious hour it was.  Kevin, Bart and I headed over to the mother-ship, the Royal Botanical Gardens and had a great trail walk.  I was thinking that this is probably the last day of the year that we'll be able to walk in the gardens without heavy coats.  There's something about just wearing a sweater deep into fall that makes me think I'm fooling with mother nature.  Although with the heat of the sun on our backs and shoulders (16C 60F in November!), it certainly felt that she was in on it.

The predominant colours of the forest have changed once again - to the gold, brown and mahogany of the oaks.

In many areas I really noticed that many of the smaller shrubs and new trees are completely bare - this will be where the wind roars up the trail in the months ahead.  But today - nothing but a gentle breeze.

We decided to take the Bridal Trail path which has more ups and downs.  Much better that a treadmill or Stairmaster.

I like these beech leaves so much better than those on my own tree.  Perhaps it's because I don't have to rake them.

Just a couple of weeks ago, there wouldn't have been a shot to the marsh - just too many leaves in the way.

Kevin and I saw several salmon - each about a meter in length - doing the slow swim upstream to spawn.

The next trail that connects to this one - the Creek Walk continues through a savannah-like area.  When I stopped to take this shot one of the thousands of tame Chickadees came down next to me hoping for a free meal.

This is the spot where there are usually piles of Canada Geese.  Wonder where they were?

We'd headed off in the opposite direction of the crowds mainly to avoid the gaggle of children who appeared to have O.D. on Cocoa Puffs, Captn Crunch and Fruit Loops this a.m.  I guess while their parents were spending their hour in bed the children were quietly mainlining sugar.

Parents and children alike with their hands full of bird seed getting the birds to light.

Imagine this photo without the branches on the right.  Much better.

And one last shot of the yellow and brown of the day.

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