Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New New New

I'm jumping in with both feet this morning changing my blog to the new format.  I think it suits the style of my photo-intensive blog a bit better.   What do you think?   If you have an opinion of new vs. old please let me know. (Although - I just realized all my links to my lovely blogging friends seem to have vaporized.....will figure out how and get them back tomorrow.)

Today is a gift - it's going to be 15C (60F).  So, I'm going to spend most of the day frolicking in the garden - doing leaf p/u and cutting back those perennials that turn to goo over the winter.  I also have a few baby plants that I'm considering planting rather than wintering them over beside the house.  Figure they'll have a better chance of getting through the winter if they've got more soil around their roots.  I've also got a few tulips that I'll finally get into the ground.  Infinitely better than the office work I had planned, though sadly will have to postpone the start of the "fix my life by cleaning a drawer-a-day".

This morning I really could tell that I'm so ready for the clocks to change - the alarm seems to be going off earlier each morning.  It's almost embarrassing to see our paths cross with fellow walkers closer to the house rather than down by the lake.  Good to see that some folks can keep to a schedule!

So here are some photos from around the garden this morning and of course, a few from our (later) walk.

Really nice yellow on a bush like species Clematis:

My dining room Japanese Maple is just starting to turn - it will be orange in less than a week.

Hydrangea quercifolia - such an unusual colour of red.  Considering this was one of the favourites of the Japanese beetles - just shows my hard work with the J.B.B.O.D. (Japanese Beetle Bucket of Death) was well worth it.

The little thready bits of the Ipomopsis rubra.

Eupatorium coelestinum - looks like ageratum - but is perennial.

This Hamamelis is the jewel of my garden at the moment.

Some of those leaves that will be moved to the street.

Pretty and delicious - this purple kale has turned out to be a wonderful plant.

Sum and Substance in the sunshine.

Big, small, you just can't go wrong with a Japanese Maple.

See, we had the lake all to ourselves this a.m.

Beautiful skies signal the beautiful day ahead.  Time to get outside again to play in the garden.

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