Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Short Lived Santa Claus Parade

This weekend was the Oakville Santa Claus parade.  The original route used to run just past the corner of MacDonald and Reynolds - an easy 3 block walk.  My old Saints used to love it.  Lots of people, noise and horses which absolutely delighted old Agatha.  

These days, the parade route starts in downtown Oakville.  I thought briefly about the possibility of publicly humiliating Bart with his adorable Santa costume, and then thought, no, let's just go and have fun.  Well, guess who doesn't like Santa Claus parades?  Bart.  At every opportunity he poked his little nose into my leg and looked sad and pitiful.  I finally gave up the dog walk/sidewalk drag in front of the butcher shop.  I even had to pick him up for a block or two.  Quite pathetic.  

Here's my 15 minutes of the Oakville Santa Claus Parade: 

The mustering and practice areas.

The town tree - taken the next day.  Bart wouldn't even think of letting me get this shot on Saturday.

And my last shot of my pouting dog Bart.  Perhaps he'll be in a more festive mood next year.


Knatolee said...

That last pic is priceless. "Mummy, don't make me do this!"

Hmm, my verification word is "dogyncat"!

Barbarapc said...

I wish you could have seen his posterior, I swear it was grey from all the dragging I had to do!