Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pretty Scenes Through Squinty Eyes

The weather has been beyond wonderful.  We normally are cruising highs of 7C and lows of 0C.  It has been 17C/10C.  Unfortunately the weather system also seems to have brought in a migraine that just doesn't want to let go.  So fewer photos - can't seem to open my eyes wide enough to frame a shot.

The hard part of these silly migraines is that I've missed so many really good days of cleanup gardening. I suspect that I may be sending my garden into the winter a lot scruffier than I'd like.  However, I've learned from experience that I can deal with those slimy hostas it in the spring if I don't get around to them now.  At that stage, I don't need to clip them, all I do is take a good swipe and tug with my gloved hand and they're history.  

And if I remember correctly from years past, at a certain point there will be snow and it all will be covered in a blanket of white.  So as soon as the pretty colours of the little woody plants are done, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Last friday......could the lake be any prettier?

Most of the trees are now bare - except for the oaks and Norway maples.

Brussels sprout plant looking all handsome.

Next year, I vow I'm going to get some late blooming anemone - mine were all done by August.  Another good combination with the grass.  Amazing what you can learn just by walking around the neighbourhood.

Gymnocladus dioicus - the ultimate Dr. Seuss tree.

Could you imagine the bark would look any differently?

and three more shots, red, purple and yellow:  Berberis thunbergii

Kale for supper tonight.

Lysimachia clethroides by the front door.


Peggy said...

Hi Barbara, not sure how this is working, I left a comment but when I clicked to post this window then opened up?!

Knatolee said...

Beautiful pics! Sorry to hear about your migraines. They are the pits.