Saturday, March 17, 2012

Canada Blooms 2012

One of my favourite times of year - Canada Blooms.  It has been co-located with the Home Show, so for those of you who like all things for the home, both inside and out, bring your runners, the show is now the largest in North America.  Your $17.00 admission should bring you complete exhaustion and hopefully a little spring enchantment along the way.

It's now at Exhibition Place.  Fewer trains to chose from if you're doing the early morning tour, most trains are zipping by Exhibition to deliver folks to Union Station to work.  I grabbed the 7:25 out of Oakville, with a minute to spare.

One of the best parts of the old show was going down the escalators getting ever closer to the scent of bulbs.   In the new building the scent doesn't build the way it used to, it's just right there as you walk into the exhibition  - flowers to the left and the hot tubs to the right and beyond.

Just like in fashion, there were lots of orange and yellows:

More veggies on display.  Really no excuse for not being able to have at least a few of your own veggies close at hand.  This would be really easy to build; easy for harvest; and doesn't take up much room.

Under the category of cool - doesn't this look like copper - well no, it's not.  It's maple that's been painted to look like copper.

Here's the close-up:

One of the Juno inspired gardens:

More orange....

This was my favourite display of flowers.  Yes, I know, not really organized, but at this time of year, such an abundance is just what I want.

There's lots of room between exhibits.  This is one of the two rose gardens.

This was my favourite.  A 20x20ft garden.  Smelled of freshly sanded cedar.

 Considering its small size, some very good site lines, good texture, materials ran together well.

The Medinilla is an easy plant to looks like it was taking over everywhere.

Here they are taking a drink at the Taipei exhibit.  I'm almost rooting for the crocodiles to come take some of them out.  So, for those of you who want one, be sure it is well off the ground so it's not squishing its nose into the ground.

 Really cute display.  Doesn't photograph well.  It shows the resurgence of the district of Roncesvales.

Here's one of everything.

This was quite sweet and certainly showed recycling in an artistic fashion.

Ok.  Take a look at this.

Here is the explanation:

 These are the 4 gardens:

No, I don't get it either.

Wonder what to do with all your pallets?  The pallets were used as planters, fences, walls, etc.

I'm scooting back to Blooms and am scurrying through photos here.  I don't know how many folks will find this garden - hidden practically in the corner.  If you see this, go in it's well worth it.  Will put some more photos up tomorrow.

Orange petunias - very baby aspirin almost:

Sweatpea's display:

This is a closeup of the lower bouquet:

I'll leave you with this, I'm running late for my luncheon with my garden buddies.   Hopefully there's still a spot for me at one of the tables!

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Enjoyed all your photos, Barbara. Had never looked at your blog before, just happened to notice you had a blog posted at the end of something you sent me. Sharon Beasley