Monday, March 19, 2012

More from Blooms 2012

Had a brilliant lunch with my GWA buddies at Canada Blooms.  We were spoiled with new products to try and over the next few weeks, now that the gardening season appears to have started 4 weeks early, I'll be letting you know how they work out.

On my previous post I'd shown the little carpet kalanchoe Canadian Flag that marked the entrance of this garden.  The plant material (with the exception of the rhodos - grown in NY State) were all produced in Ontario for the show.  Every year they get better and better at forcing plants.  I just adore seeing so many roses blooming away and looking terrific.

Even though the design is very simple, I think it's effective.

More medinilla!  And, I now have my very own - a gift from the Growers of Ontario.  Our horticultural society had given out-going president Cathy Kavassalis one.  She was delighted to discover a tiny little lizard that must have been living in one of the stems.  She even built a terrarium to house the wee creature.  I haven't seen any on mine, but fear that Hercules would dispatch it long before I could get his glass-walled enclosure ready.

They are getting better and better at planters and supports - lettuce with peppers.

When Beckie Fox of Garden Making told me about her booth - just had to go by to have a look.  Not only are they selling subscriptions to her excellent magazine, they've made a great presentation of new remarkable plants.

The plants are right at chest level.  They are well signed, and for those of you who want more information, you can tap into your hand-held device to learn more.  Wasabi grows well in both sun and shade and was a real standout at the trial gardens in Milton.

I see on this sign that full sun is recommended.  Melampodium grows very well in the shade too.

A very pretty Dahlia - and something we should all be considering.  If the bloom period has shifted 4 weeks forward, we're going to need something bright for the late summer and fall garden.

A little closer:

For those of you who like dark petunias:

Hands down this was the best looking salad mix I'd ever seen.  Very cool that each seed-pellet contains 5-7 seeds.

More vegetables in a very fancy fenced off area.

Not sure how you get to the tomatoes, but imagine if you have enough money to own this feature, that wouldn't be your problem.  Nothing like form over function I say.

Very pretty and Eastery.  Ivory Prince Hellebore with what looks like a Costco hydrangea.

Again, a very nice simple display for the winter.

 These are the contents....the pot is below:

Is that not the most wonderful yellow ivy.  I have ivy envy.

You know it's going to be a good party, when you don't have to go inside for the citrus garnish for the drinks.

And, that's it for now.  It's my hand-in-the-blender-time-of-year.  Income Tax Time.  If I make enough progress, my reward is going for another visit.  A tasty carrot indeed.


Jennifer said...

Hi Barbara, It took me several tries to get this comment box to open up. Hopefully, it is a temporary problem with your blog. I have to say that I did not enjoy Canada Blooms this year. In this post and the last one though, you have focused in on the many of the aspects of the show I did like. The rose garden was my favourite. It was a simple display, but effective. I also liked the large containers you ended this post with. The lemon tree planter was just gorgeous.

Barbarapc said...

Thanks for letting me know Jennifer.
I'd feared that it was going to be appalling combined with the Home Show, but was pleasantly surprised. I know that the folks who organized it are looking for ideas on what we'd like to see. Mark Cullen especially was looking for ideas - I'll forward his email if you like. He really did seem to want to hear what we were thinking. I'm going to approach them on making some changes, would hate to see the whole thing die.