Friday, May 18, 2012

What's Almost As Good As Your Own

Japanese peonies?  A neighbour who plants theirs on the street corner so everyone can enjoy the sight and perfume of these ephemeral beauties.  I spied these on the way to the library and realized I was in danger of causing an accident if I stopped the car, jumped out and took a photo.  So yesterday, Kevin and I changed our route so I could get a better look.  Aren't they magnificent?

Coming back along a side street, there were these paler cousins.  Just shows they do equally well in a shaded location too.

And while I was wandering about, guess what was happening back at the ranch.   The clematis buffet continues - since the tray of Frances R. appears to be down to the old curled petals - someone has moved on to Josephine:

Isn't the rule, if you're not going to finish it, don't put it on your plate?

And a new plant that I got last year to trial that looks very promising - Hosta 'Whee' from Proven Winners.  I've never seen a hosta put on so much growth in the spring as this tiny newbee.  Will be interested to see how it does throughout the summer.  It's in competition with Pineappleupsidedowncake across the pathway.  I'm thinking with the curls, colour and vigour, I may have a new favourite Hosta to add to my list.


Jennifer said...

How nice of your neighbour to plant such lovely peonies. You are ahead of us down there in Oakville. My peonies are still wishful thinking. Love that curly hosta! Have a great weekend, Barbara!

Barbarapc said...

More and more people are doing front yard gardens here in Oakville - it really gives you a lift to walk down the street and see such marvellous flowers. My peonies are about a week away - they are the yellow varieties and little slower. Hope you get a chance to put your feet up on this long weekend Jennifer.

Charlie said...

The selection of peonies is now really amazing. I really enjoyed the amazing photos. I wish I could smell them.