Sunday, July 29, 2012

We Shuffled Off to Buffalo

And we had a great time.  I had learned about this terrific event from Jim Charlier's blog at  For a number of years, gardeners (300+) throughout the city of Buffalo open their gardens for two days (for free) so that everyone in the universe can come visit and enjoy their blossoms.  Kevin and I have used Buffalo primarily as our get-out-of-Dodge airport, rather than a spot where we'd go and stay.  But next year, we're thinking that rather than just doing a hit and run trip, we will stay in order to really see as many gardens and areas as possible.

Our visit, c/o the hard-working vigilant officers at the Peace Bridge who made our trip an extra 1hour and 40 minutes longer than we'd anticipated, was about 3 hours long total for garden viewing.  Kevin had sprained his ankle the previous week, so we weren't exactly flying around, but saw at least 20 gardens.  The cool thing about this Garden Walk, is that the neighbours who aren't on the tour, seem to join in the spirit of the festival and make sure that the entire 'hood looks guest-worthy.

I fell in love with this old peeling bunny the moment we parked the car.

Here are two homes, not on the tour, but noteworthy all the same.

Some of my favourite gardens were those where the owners were present - fun to match the personality of the gardens with the owners.  As you can imagine - this gal was no shrinking violet - she declared herself I.B.M  - Irish by marriage.

I was so thrilled that I'm able to load photos that I rushed to throw these up rather than fiddle with them.    (what a lovely shirt and elbow that man has) The flowers were bundled at the edge of a very prolific vegetable garden - holding some of the largest peppers I've seen.

So this was a not-on-the-tour neighbour with just a bit of colour for the visitors to enjoy as we walked around to the back garden.

So many gardeners incorporated bits of sculpture making their garden unique.

Even the cats who live with those who weren't on the tour, showed up and posed.

As far as we could figure, you can paint your house any colour you want, providing it isn't the same colour as the house next door.

The gardens weren't big, but just chock-a-block flowers and ideas.

Ever wonder what to do with those old marbles?

I've grown Ipomea in a pot, but look at how many the gardener has put in and doesn't it make a good shape.  Notice how the tools are stored.  Artistic and available.

Who doesn't like orange and pink?

Don't know why, but someone at the end of the road just decided to blow bubbles down the street.  Just one more way, the folks in Buffalo have fun with the Garden Walk visitors.


Jim/ said...

So glad you made it down here for the Walk! I don't even know some of the gardens in your photos - what neighborhoods did you get to ? And did you get to my house? I was not there all the time - out and about checking up on the headquarters and all, and helping close up financials at the end of the day. Hope you enjoyed ourselves (other than the bridge crossing).

The bubble man sits in his apartment window there most nice days with his bubble wand & fan. He's a disabled veteran that just likes to send bubbles out into the neighborhood. People have offered to buy him bubbles, but he prefers to spend his own money on them. That intersection has a children's theatre, a few restaurants, and my daughter's former elementary school is just a few doors away from there. The kids LOVE the bubbles.

Barbarapc said...

Hi Jim,
We just did Allentown, poor Kevin was really gimpy - but what a great tour. We had a terrific time. Didn't visit your garden, but will next year. Those bubbles are so much fun. I can say judging by all the smiles of those walking the sidewalks that big kids like them too.

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

I wish Kevin were more mobile! You saw only the fewest and smallest of gardens! Glad you made it though and enjoyed what you saw.

Veronica Sliva said...

And we didn't even meet up! Walter and I spent the day on Sunday doing the Buffalo Garden Walk too. Originally, we had other plans that weekend, but as (good) luck would have it they fell through so we headed for Buffalo. A great day of snooping in other people's gardens. I always feel so energized and inspired after doing that.

Jennifer said...

Looks like it was a great tour, Barbara! One day soon I get my passport renewed, so I can go to Buffalo for this tour. We have the same colorful wooden homes in Halifax/Dartmouth, where I grew up, so I probably wouldn't be phased by orange and pink houses.
P.S. How did you work out your image issues? And by the way, for some reason the link you left on my blog does not bring me back here. I thought I would mention it so you might fix whatever problem is causing this. I am sure it might deter visitors to your blog.

Barbarapc said...

Veronica - what fun that would have been to bump into you and Walter. I know what you mean about being energized - I'd settled into a "that 'el do" sort of mode with this heat and now I'm thinking, paper, pencils, catalogues and changes in the garden.
Jennifer - Passport renewing must be at the top of the list - there's a world of possibility the moment you have that dreadful photo taken and that lovely blue leatherette booklet in your hand. Strangely enough, I'm permitted to add photos again. I've contacted the Toronto Star and Canadian Consumer Protection Agency in the interim to see if others have had the same issues. Needless to say, I'm sure I'm at the end of a very long line. Thanks for letting me know about the link - went in and fixed it right away. B.

Gail said...

I have so wanted to make this tour and got a taste when Fling was in Buffalo! I will say that I got a hankering for a smaller garden! My next one for sure.

Barbarapc said...

Gail, the hot weather has broken, so it will be a day in the garden for me - and I know there will be thoughts of what it would be like to have a lovely little postage stamp garden like those I saw on the tour.