Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rain, and One Photo

For whatever reason, this morning I was permitted to post one photo - while a bit blackvelvety, and slightly out of focus, it shows the brightest light in the garden.  It is an Ipomopsis rubra - one of a whack.  Its common names are Standing cypress, Texas plume, Red Texas star and Red gilia - it is from the phlox family and blooms at the same time as P. paniculata.  You may want to think about where its going to live - can't imagine it right next to an old-fashioned magenta Phlox - a complete eye bleed.  

The original plant came from Belinda at Triffids.  As I've discovered, it is dead easy from seed: I've got them everywhere.  It is a biennial and even though its origins are much further south in North America, it does very well in my Ontario garden.  It draws butterflies and hummingbirds and provides a happy shot of colour.  You can extend the bloom period by cutting off part of the stalk, several new ones will sprout out within days.

Without much snow these last few years, I've learned that its first year growth is evergreen as well.  I love being able to track how large my crop is going to be by seeing how many fist-sized ferny plants I've got wiggling through the beds.  It grows about 120 cm and is 10 cm wide.  It takes heat (obviously) and its volunteers are easily pulled if you decide you want to keep its numbers under control.  Haven't noticed a pest in sight, although perhaps I have so many other delights for the Japanese Beetles, they just haven't had a chance to try it.  


Jennifer said...

Hi Barbara, I don't know this plant at all. It is stunning. The orange-red would be a nice jolt of color right about now.
I was worried that I might be overrun with Japanese beetles this year, but have about the same number as last year. My hubby came up with a peanut butter jar death trap and I have been using it to do the little bleeps in. (Nothing fancy. I use the lid to trap and knock them into the jar of soapy water.) Hope you get your picture issues sorted! Have a great weekend!

Barry said...

One photo? I guess if they're trying to control bandwidth this might be an effective way but seriously? Is this one of the treasures you brought on your recent nursery crawl with is? You mention ferny foliage and one of the new babies in the garden does look rather fern like!

Barbarapc said...

Yes, it was. It's an all-round good plant, likes heat, dry, cold winters. My only quibble would be would it self-seed too much if it were to escape? Its range is listed through Ontario by the USDA - I love when they paint the whole Province Green for habitat, as if it something that lives on the shores of Lake Erie would live on the shore of Hudson's Bay.