Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Beautiful Quiet Weekend

There's something very beautiful about the air in late summer.  The scent of flowers is compressed, so when I first step out the door - it smells marvellous, but not entirely recognizable.  It's only as I walk through the garden very slowly that the layers of scent are revealed, as each pollinator takes turns fanning their favourite flower's perfume in my direction.

Oh I adore a quiet morning in the garden.  And, it is blissfully peaceful.  While the chores call to me - edging, mowing deadheading a a bit of moving around, today is a day of contemplation and observation.  If for no other reason than I had my nails done and I have a 36 hour rule of begging off all  dangerous nail activity from the time of the last top coat.  Please note that the 'Tazmanian Devil Made Me Do It' is an excellent match for Ipomopsis rubra.

Put this snap in so you can see what Hydrangea arborescens 'Invincibelle Spirit' looks like post pink colour.  I continue to think it's a really worthwhile plant.  Excellent texture this time of year.

Yes, I know, this means fall, and cold and summer coming to an end, but I can't think of a better colour of yellow.

The first blossoms of the Heptacodium miconoides.  I'm hoping it will once again pull the monarchs in on their last go through.  It was absolutely covered in butterflies last year.

The Veronicastrum is just about done - Bart on guard.

Something I hadn't noticed before, the seed casing of the Echium russicum (also known as E. rubra) gets really prickly.  Wonder if it's one of those plants in its native Russia that was moved around by attaching itself to animals?  I'm going to save some seed and try to move it around a bit - maybe I'll see if it sticks to Bart and have him shake in a new location.  It is a biennial with bluish leaves and lovely purply red flowers.  Also good to note for anyone looking for something hardy, most plants with russicum (from Russia) in the name will probably work in your garden wherever you live.

And just one more photo for today - the late Clematis that I grew from seed is blooming away.   Very sweet little flowers, and the gigantic bees are mad for them.  And of course a little more of that nail polish flower - Ipomopsis just to remind me that it's time for a nice glass of ice water, rest, relaxation and maybe should I feel the need for some activity - a little reading.

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Kim and Victoria said...

Great pictures. Great imagery also, especially of Bart shaking seeds around your garden. He's a cutie. I like your 36 hour rule.