Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brains Just Slightly Lose Around the Edges

Oh, I had such high hopes for this week:  Writing #1  Gardening #2  Cleaning #3.  Sadly, didn't even get to #1.  Since this recent affliction with migraines find that I've been able to keep all fairly well controlled with avoiding all dairy, corn, soy and eggs.  Unfortunately, certain noises are hideous triggers.  One of the worst offenders are vacuums and mechanical digging devices.

While I can pass the vacuuming off on poor Kevin, sadly when a couple of ding-batted morons get a hold of a nice orange piece of equipment with only a faint idea of what they're doing and run it for close to 9 hours straight for now 3+ days, my head becomes unhinged - no thoughts come, ability to spell vanishes, words turn inside-out, but not consistently, 3rd letters are moved to 1st position, sometimes last letters join next words, but not quite at the front, sometimes after a couple of letters of the next word followed by spaces, like those between my fingers and the proper pieces of brainage that's suppose to control them.

The brain is an odd thing.  If only I was like those fools operating the equipment who have the ability to function without theirs.

Am taking bets on how long the tree will live.  Any takers?

Promise flowers, vegetables and happy thoughts tomorrow.  Please join me in hoping their fuel supply disappears mysteriously.


scottweberpdx said...

OMG...even without a migraine that's pretty annoying :-( Feel better soon!

Kim and Victoria said...

So must be way beyond painful. Hope you feel better soon.
Poor tree.

Barbarapc said...

Machine quiet - all is well - thanks for your good thoughts.