Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Apple is Evil

Today I wanted to check out my blogger friends' blogs.  Just like I've been doing every day for the entire time I've had a blog.  Unfortunately clicking on all the blogs at the side of my page no longer works - something about having to install an RSS feed.  If they know I need it...why did they take it away?

And, my IMac screen has started to burp when I turn it on, little bits of what was there yesterday flashes on and off in sectors about the screen like it's being attacked by goldfish bumping randomly into the back of the screen.  Even more exciting is the giant staircase of old-fashioned TV fuzz in two tones that materializes when I ask my machine to start to work.

My screen was the only part of my IMac I liked.  And now, it's turning on me.  I was willing to accept that its Pages program had no labels (what, you want to send something by Canada Post?); that it randomly copied photographs about a document putting them where it wanted when you asked it nicely to export it to a PDF; that you can't print bits of documents in the Numbers program - you can only print the whole thing - that its help desk cannot fathom that after having a Canada Revenue Audit, that you might want to put the applicable portion of a spreadsheet in a file to make things simpler; that its IPhoto program handles photographs like a game of 52 pick-up, only it's called 17,562 pick-up; that Safari doesn't automatically give you a page when you click on the icon; that after the one-year has passed (and it has....) and you have a problem, you must pay $52 up front for services to a gentleman on the phone who says he will provide no guarantee of satisfaction.  I'm going to buy Apple a vowel, and explain to them based on the movies I've watched about the wild west and wanton women that you can take money upfront, but the crucial point is the customer satisfaction.

Rant over.  Fingers crossed screen won't die just yet.  But in the mean time, if there is anyone who could tell me how to make my blogger friends' links work again I would be very grateful.

o.k.  in the time it's taken to type this.....the problem appears to have been fixed....so nevermind paragraph 1 and some of 4......

And since you've been kind enough to listen - here are a few photos from the RBG this w/e - so very 'furry' as Kevin calls it with all the rain:

Over the train tracks to the Laking Garden.

More labelling this year.  Hooray.

The garden was overwhelmingly yellow at the moment.  Not one of Dr. Laking's favourite colours....he used to whinge on to the Landscape Architect (when they had one many years ago) whenever he thought the garden was getting too yellow.

Do adore the little dotty Belamcanda.  The only flower I know that wrings out its spent blooms.

In this middle of the bed with the bees as my buddies.  Pretty, but really too yellow I think.

And one of my favourite spots - the hosta walk.  Sadly, it appears that others are enjoying it and taking home their favourites - lots and lots of missing plants.  Where are those snapping turtles when you need them?


Jennifer said...

Your post title screams pure frustration. Computers can be very stressful at times! I hope you get everything sorted.


At first I thought you wrote "April is Evil" and I'm like what? I'm really behind on blog reading but April? :)

I hope you can get your computer situation fixed. With the death of Google Reader, I've been using Feedly to keep track of all my blogs. It works really well.

Nice photos. You're right about the Belamcanda flowers wringing up their petals. How funny. Also, I'm not a huge fan of yellow either and right now Black Eyed Susans are EVERYWHERE, except in my garden. They're pretty but...no. I did find a luscious gallon-sized 'Cherry Brandy' Rudbeckia at a store earlier today. I really like it and it seems to be hardy here.

Take care.

Barbarapc said...

Jennifer - it was wonderful reading about your son heading off to work - puts everything into perspective. Just need to put on my level-head hat and figure it out.
Grace - oh, I've become one of the best speed-dyslexics on the planet. Thanks for the hint about Feedly.
Cherry Brandy is beautiful - not so hardy here - think it's one of the R hirtas and they can be a bit iffy. Looking forward to seeing who you combine him with.