Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Uh Oh...

Dropped my camera.  How you ask?  It was very easy.  Cold day.  Drippy nose.  Yanked glove off to find Kleenex.  Wrist strap tangled in glove.  Schwoosh.  Clunk.  Horror.

I would have photographed it upside down calling for help.  I would have photographed its injuries.  I would have photographed its sad broken-Etch A Sketch-style viewer.  Alas, I could not.  So I came home, and put it away.  I thought of all the things we've done together and about the 10,000 or so photographs we've shared.  I hoped that when it returned to room temperature it might be better.  Day one.  Still odd-ball black bits around the screen.  Mystery puddles on the screen that disappear when the button is fully depressed.  Days two through six there seems to be an improvement.  Day seven.  The screen seems to have sorted itself.

I've been staring at these photos to see if there's been any change in the camera performance.  Am driving myself nuts - a surprisingly short trip.   Looking for your opinion - do you see a change in image quality post camera-crash?  None of these photos is cropped - (I fib, actually just one and I'll flag it) - but can you see any differences?

Before the crash:

After the crash:

Bart dressed as a Bumble Bee:
(and it's here because it's a picture with a flash….and because I just had to show you!)

Autumn crocus:

Using telephoto for frozen Hosta:

Camera seems to be a bit confused on what to focus on, but I'm thinking this happened before.

(cropped photo below)  Combination of construction dust and fog this a.m.

It's images like this where the angles don't seem quite right and there's a loss of definition in the dark areas, although, I am asking the camera to do a lot when I think of the different levels of brightness.

Using the long lens capacity here - one of the reasons I leave my hosta is to see these pretty colours.  Must remind myself of this when I'm yanking out the leaves of slime.

Focus is odd here.  Now, was this me taking the picture too fast?  The camera deciding what to focus on?  Or is it time to start shopping?  I welcome any and all opinions.


Barbee' said...

Hi Barbara, I'm no photographer, but it all looks quite fine to me, and beautiful. Scary about your camera's fall, though.

Barry said...

Seems all is well with your camera. I remember a year ago when I dropped mine, it shattered the lens! Photos look as good as ever! Yay!

Jennifer said...

Your photos seem fine despite the mishap. Hopefully there won't be any further issues. Hope you are otherwise well.


My point-and-shoot camera always has trouble knowing what to focus on. I'm pretty sure this is normal. Annoying, but normal. Your photos are all gorgeous. Your camera has forgiven you.