Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ice Storm

Nothing like a catastrophic event to bring me back to the blogging world.  The freezing rain started last night and is expected to continue through this afternoon.  Last night at about 3:00 a branch from the Eastern White came down and broke our bedroom window.  It was hard to fall back to sleep.  This morning I went out to take a few photos, being mindful not to stand under any of the large trees, no matter how tempting the shot.  While I was out looking at the garden, I'd hear what sounded like little explosions followed by cracking, breaking and falling limbs of the giants all over the 'hood.

So this is what it looked like last Saturday….

and this is this a.m.

 Our bedroom window….

 and my poor little courtyard garden...

a better view of the branch that wanted to come visit us last night.

The Eastern White clobbered our Hemlock.  Better a tree than a person.

From inside - the dining room Japanese Maple - it's very beautiful.

Poor old tree, can't believe how much has come down.  Spoke to a neighbour while I was out taking shots who had a limb come through his roof - his wife is going to put a bow on it for Christmas

So beautiful…..but a little close to one of the big trees:

Last shot of the day - the dining room tree from the outside.  Fingers crossed that most of the worst has happened and we manage to hold onto our power for the next few days.  Take good care if you're in the path of the storm…..

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