Monday, December 23, 2013

More Ice Storm Photos

Twigs and branches are more Frosted Flakey this a.m.  While we hadn't anticipated warmer weather, being just that much closer to the lake seems to have changed the ice somewhat.  Still a little concerned about a branch that is leaning on the wires leading to the power stack on the house.  Fingers crossed that all will melt without causing any problems.

Lots to do inside, so decided to ignore it all and take my camera outside for a walk around the garden.  Fargesia 'Red Panda' by the door.  Will be watching to see if it pops back up after the ice melts.  At the moment it appears to be resting in the snow.

This is the bed that was run over by a car several years ago.  I replanted it and it was looking oh so fetching….until it was smacked by a couple of pine limbs.  This is a spot in the garden, that I'm really going to rethink when I do my redesign.

So many of the bits I left for winter interest look like drunken ladies with their petticoats up over their heads.  Can't imagine how they're going to put themselves right when the ice-party wears off.

Kevin had moved so many of the branches to the road.  The Town put them back on the sidewalk….  Noticed that when people get as far as this tree on their walk, they often just turn around and go back.  But before they do, most of the men put themselves right under it and look up.  The women skirt it and quickly move away.  The dogs pee on the branches.

Of all the trees, the Eastern White Pines (Pinus strobus) have proven to be the most dangerous and have suffered the worst damage.  Below you can see how the water accumulated and froze on the needles.

Here's a more dramatic shot:

Every year at this time, I think I really need to have more berries for winter interest.  And in the spring when I'm planting I forget - again something to put in my notes for the re-do.

The maple by the dining room window, still o.k.

We could play guess the seed heads:




Now, in the summer I find this is the hardest grass to photograph - Chasmanthium latifolium.  The constant shiver and wiggle of the seed heads make it almost impossible to get a nice sharp picture.  However, today… problem.  All the little bits were encased in ice.

No wiggling

No weaving.  The shivering frozen in time.

Right side up or up-side-down.  I do appreciate Hydrangea this time of year.

Took a walk around the back - oh what a mess.  But look what I found, ice painting on the old wood:

Called the insurance people this a.m. So hard to tell with the ice to see what's broken, and what has just pulled away.

So, my goal when the coast is clear is to rescue that blue pot and put it in the garage to live through the winter.  I'm thinking its beautiful blue flowers are going to come in handy in my new (and improved) garden next year.


Glädjekällan said...

What a weather you have. No snow here, we have a warm winter, a little wind and a lot of rain.
Whish you a Lovely Christmas!

Knatolee said...

I'm sorry for all the damage but wow, such gorgeous photos!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Barbarapc said...

G - hope you get a little snow for Christmas & hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family.
K - Thank you. Sun out today - unfortunately we've had a good 3 cm of snow so all the sparkles are hidden for my next series of photos. One of those moments when you want a little wind to clear off the snow, but not enough to break any more branches. Take good care & have a very merry Christmas!