Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Could this really be the start of spring?

I just received a Plant Haven email about their latest Royal Hawaiian Colocasia.  Nothing says warmth more than a tropical with Hawaiian in its name.  I'll keep my eyes open at Canada Blooms (starting this Friday) to see if I might purchase either a plant or tuber.  The 'glamour shots' look quite lovely.

Finally got my seed orders in and have received - 3 oz of Double Shirley Poppies for Kevin's clients that I re-package with a branded label. There are 260,000 seeds per oz so, I'm going to have hours of fun getting them into the wee envelopes pretending that I'm a drug dealer.

For my garden I've ordered from Gardens North and Stokes:

So not as many as usual because my garden will have to be redone after the tree removal.  But a few interesting things that have good leaves.  Two different types of Heuchera - they do really well in dry shade.  I'd grown 'Dales Strain' years ago, and am doing it again - looking at simplifying things - more of one variety - and more varieties that take less fussing over.  You can see the Stokes order better if you click on it.  If it works out well, I should have lots of little daisy faces smiling up at me with the Cosmos, Coreopsis and Matricaria.  I'll be placing my vegetable order with Renee's shortly - I've always had great success with her seed - good germination and taste.  Plus I like the fact that she mixes up several varieties in one package - so for someone like me with a smallish veggie garden, I can try more.

This past Sunday, Kevin, Bart and I took our winter pilgrimage down to Niagara Falls to check out the ice bridge.  You can get a bit of an idea of the traffic.  There was a steady stream of income for the local police - there's no stopping/parking on this road, so the cops spent their afternoon handing out a substantially higher price than the $15Cdn to park for as long as you like.

Kevin's buddy Lorne gave him the hat and asked me to take his picture for him.  Kevin is a Habs fan.

I was disappointed when it was so cloudy, but as we waited and watched....slowly the clouds moved away and the sun came out.  On the right are the American Falls - can you believe all the ice in front of them?

Does that ice form look like an elephant to you too?

A little closer:

I could have stayed all day - as the light changed, everything about the Falls looked different:

Can you imagine being there when these bits start to break up?

So cold, and yet so beautiful:

Back to the top of the Canadian Falls:

Back at home, we were able to resume our morning walk to the Lake. The sidewalks were clear. Look who we found bonking his head on a hydro pole:

Lake Ontario did not freeze over - but you're looking at ice here that is about 1.5 meters thick close to shore:

And one last thing.  I'm taking another Coursera MOOC 'Ignite Your Everyday Creativity' through the State University of New York/Buffalo.  First assignment was to decorate a fork, glass or lightbulb.  After a good clean-out this January, the last thing I wanted around was a craft item so I decided to make a glass out of ice - here's my video (skills learned at the last MOOC out of University of Houston):


and what the glass looks like today:

So if you follow the signs: seeds arriving, tropical plants to purchase, Canada Blooms about to start, walks by the Lake, and a melted glass full of lettuce seeds, it is clear - the warmth of spring is just around the corner.


Jennifer said...

That ice at the falls is pretty incredible! We always try to make it to the Hamilton area to photograph on of the city's waterfalls, but this winter we didn't manage it. I always find the ice formations are amazing to see.
I have my first seeds from Select Seeds. I have the Stokes catalogue, but still haven't placed my order.
See you tomorrow. Sure hope the show is better than last year!

Paul Jung said...

Great capture of the ice at the Falls. Yes, the traffic cops are having a field day issuing tickets!

The start of spring? Sure, I'm with you!