Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Paddy's Day

No big shebang this year for St. Paddy's Day - but had to make sure that Bart recognized the occasion.

And I'm sorry to say that the cold of February seems to have destroyed the buds of the Hamamelis - this is the only bit of blossom I could find - look at this compared with last year.

I've never seen bud damage before on this shrub - but I'm thinking they look stunted and unwilling to perform.  It usually is in its glory around the 17th of March - party guests know it's time to stop drinking when they think (they actually do see) they see flowers in bloom in the garden with snow on the ground.

Anyway, it will be a quiet evening with potatoes on the menu.  Reminder to self to hide Kevin's accordion.....

Hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick's day & may the luck of the Irish be with you all year long!


p.s.  I've put together a short video of my impressions of Canada Blooms - let me know what you think.


Kim and Victoria said...

Bart looks adorable with his bit o' green. Love the video! Your humor made us both laugh out loud.

Jennifer said...

Loved the video Barbara. You did a terrific job.
P.S. Bart looks so handsome in green!