Friday, October 31, 2008

I Should Have Planted the Rest of the Bulbs

But, I didn't. Just too darn nice outside. It reached 20C today - just perfect. Even put my garden sweater on, but then decided I'd just grab my camera and take a few photos.

Here's another Carex, C. grayii. I find that it looks a little coarse in the spring and there were several springs where it had looked completely battle-weary. In fact, I thought it was toast on a couple of occasions. But am kind of happy it's just fine. Had never seen such good seed heads on it. Sort of an aha moment, "Now I understand this plant." Think this may be Frosted Curls - good colour.

Does this not say, "Barbara get out your glue gun! It's pine cone presents for everyone!"

They were warning people on the Burlington Skyway that the high winds were dangerous. What do you suppose that means? Be sure to pack a life preserver in case you're plucked from the hideously high bridge and tossed into Lake Ontario. Finding that moment to capture the fall crocus was tricky - they were blowing everywhere.....very pretty.

This is a seed head from a perennial geranium - name escapes me. Got it from Belinda at Triffids - the plant itself doesn't get too big and self seeds in a well mannered fashion.

The only Barberry I've got in my garden. The berries are just so wonderfully shiny.

I am really having fun examining the clematis seed heads. I think these look like mohair.

What a nice Erodium, blooming it's little brains out, with more to come.

Again, more clematis seed-heads.

More totally cool clematis seed-heads.

And one more.


Gail said...

You can't have too many glorious seed heads! I love the clemies and the carex is wonderful. Gail

Barbarapc said...

I'm with you Gail - if the stems aren't flat on the ground, I'm apt to leave every stalk with a seed head on it in the fall. They really are a big part of our northern gardens.

Frances said...

Hi Barbara, those seed heads are fantastic. The carex does inspire intense study. The clems are pure art. Lovely captures.


Titania said...

Your autumn garden goodies look terrific. What a happy time is autumn when such beautiful, unusual seed heads are produced. Who wants the flowers? The Clematis seed heads are such stunners and the others are not far behind. Great photos wind and all.
Barbara, thank you for your visit and I am glad that you agree to get more plants!
Has the puppy arrived?

Barbarapc said...

Frances - Thank you. Now, I'm more curious about the spring 'flower' on the carex. I've completely ignored it - who knows what's in store!
Titania - This week the Japanese Maples are screaming red and orange - photos to come - and yes, Archer is here....and he's very, very busy!