Monday, November 3, 2008

What a Weekend!

Well, just when I think my life is getting a little dull, it gets a little interesting in a big hurry. Friends over for dinner on Saturday night - running around like a crazy woman, doing all those last minute things when I discovered while leaving the parking lot that I had a brake problem. But, a girls gotta do what a girl's gotta do - so continued on with my shopping - still had liquor to purchase.

Had this very odd feeling that I shouldn't be parking with the nose of my car headed to the plate glass window, especially if I wasn't sure if I could count on my brakes. Just had this flash of me on the cover of the Oakville Beaver with my poor Honda halfway into the LCBO and bottles of Vodka all around. Fortunately hand brake functioned. Real brakes stopped where they were supposed to and then my foot and petal squished to the mat of the car. Not good.

I figured I could get home providing I didn't have to drive down any hills. Sadly, brakes completely failed and I was only able to make it around a corner and slow the car to a stop. Kudos to CAA - they were there in 25 minutes - apparently brake line was leaking fluid and without brake fluid the car will not stop when you want it to. Best of all, I did make it back just in time to shower, bake, roast, peel, serve supper and have a well deserved glass of wine or two.

And today, Archer, the Guide Dog Puppy arrived. He is an exceptionally busy 4 month old poodle. Picked him up 6 hours ago, and he still hasn't had a nap. Here he is at the park with his foster cousins - Percy the 3.5month old poodle, and Griffin the long-suffering Yorkie.

Archer looks a little naked - think he had his first haircut last week. He almost looks a little embarrassed.

But considering he's left his foster family who are head to New Zealand for a vacation, spent a w/e at Guide Dogs and now has a new family and a terrorist cat to get used to - I'd say he's doing really well. Somebody down the road is going to have a lovely working and companion dog.


easygardener said...

Dear me what an adventure you had. Glad you eventually got home ok. Puppy looks sweet, if a little naked!

Frances said...

Hi Barbara, you had me scared there with the plate glass window of a liquor store, no less! Glad it worked out well and you deserve a medal for keeping the dinner party on schedule. The new doggie is a cutie, he does look unhappy about his haircut, poor little guy.

Barbarapc said...

E.G. & Frances: Coming through something like that unscathed really gives you a boost. And also, realizing that I was cooking for great friends and being with them was the more important than having a perfect meal, just seemed to make it all easier. Now, if I could get a little more sleep with Archer around, I'd be aces!