Monday, January 11, 2010

Still Waiting for George.....

Many days have passed. I'm still waiting for George.

He did materialize shortly after my last blog post in December. And he did, however briefly, fix my fancy Dacor Preference ovens. He replaced 2 sensors. For such an expensive oven, you'd expect them to look like tiny little carved fingers. Alas no, they look like metallic toggles with a plastic thingie - reminiscent of something you would have to cut off a well packaged pair of pajamas from Asia before you could climb into them.

On his second visit he gave me the secret key code to reboot my fabulous Dacor Preference ovens and a third spent sensor. The secret key code sequence was my emergency fall-back should the testy oven decide not to work during one of the 7 dinner parties I had foolishly scheduled over the holiday season.

Well, it's a new year, and we have a new error code - the fatal U60 Cooling Fan code. There is no code of inoculation for this sad oven illness. George has ordered a new part, or maybe he's fashioning the repair piece from Christmas present debris and/or tinsel. No doubt he'll be in touch between now and Christmas 2010. With only one oven operating it should be twice as easy to eat half as much!

And so I conclude my sad little blogtale with a couple of photos of burlapped plants - it's snowing and cold and this is about as close to gardening as I'm going to get.....will look for some summer photos tomorrow.

This is a rhodo getting wind protection, stylishly embellished with seasonal bows:

It's very peculiar the sorts of creatures who are attracted to burlap.

And of course, one shot of Bart - on the lookout for George.


easygardener said...

How sad - I can almost hear you sighing from here :-)

sweet bay said...

Eh boy, that sucks. :( I hope you can get it fixed in a reasonable amount of time.

Peggy said...

Hi Barbara,I would be back in the store by now demanding a new stove!It is unbelievable as I understand it is a very expensive stove. The burlap has not appeared over here as yet but I am sure it will as soon as some garden centres cotton on to it and tells people it is absolutely necessary for the protection of plants!

wsxwhx655 said...
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Barbarapc said...

Fingers crossed, the most remarkable thing has happened. I've had a call from Dacor in California....someone has brought my blog to their attention. Hmmm.