Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Could George be on his Way?

I received the most encouraging phone call yesterday from Ardelia of Dacor in California. Apparently, someone brought my blog and obviously the problems I was having with my Dacor Preference ovens to her attention. She has said that there has been a software upgrade and upon its installation my fabulous ovens (and when they work, they are indeed fabulous) will be totally fabulous yet again. Knowing that I might be closer to having things resolved has left me with hope. (And completely amazed that Ardelia tracked me down.) Stay tuned....

I had designed my back garden with our former dog Agatha the Saint Bernard in mind. You'll see how Kevin has made the fence completely tight and safe with a lawn chair now that we have a little dog. Notice how the pocket-sized Bart just uses the chair as a prop and effective screen from falling snow. He also seems to have enlarged the porthole that Agatha used to check out the passing dog and people traffic. Fortunately Bart has chosen to stay in the yard and not venture out.

Not a tremendous amount going on in the garden, but a few little surprises. Snow had melted on the arbour and trickled down forming ice on the clematis tendrils and seed heads.

Clematis really have to be one of my favourite plants - the flowers are lovely - the seed heads divine.

The fuzzies remind me of mohair. Such a fabulous sunny squinty day. Temps about -9C.

I forget just how fast the sun dips at this time of the year. While the back yard was ablaze the light in the front yard was cool and flat.

This has to be one of the best years ever for this Mahonia. It can look really horrid in the spring - any wind damage turns grey-brown. Fortunately it recovers and sends out new shoots and leaves quickly.

Posting by the fire today with Bart at my feet. Sunshine blazing in the window. Things are definitely looking up.


Jim/ArtofGardening said...

I love those fuzzy clematis seed heads too. During Garden Walk Buffalo when they're at their fuzziest, people ask what plant it is. No one guesses a clematis. They think the fuzzy seed head IS the flower. I should see if I can dry them for display indoors.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara~~ Nice photos. Winter does have its own kind of beauty, doesn't it? I know what you mean about winter daylight. And then there is the fact that it's gone just about the time I'm getting my act together and actually accomplishing something in the garden.

Gail said...

Good news about George! Soon (!) your kitchen will be filled with wonderful fragrance of oven baking goodies...Just in time for Valentine treats!

Beautiful shots of the ice and clematis seed heads are among my much so that I tolerate the rampant growth of Sweet Autumn Clematis...Well, the fragrance and flower does help!


Gail said...

Okay, inquiring minds want to know? Did George make it to the house?


Barbarapc said...

Jim - wonder if they'd stay together, or you'd have clemmie bits everywhere - certainly worth a try.
Grace - thanks - it truly does, just wish we had a bit more snow - if it's going to be winter, I want it all. My dentist had the coolest light that she wore on a headband....I was thinking, that would be really great for a number of my garden related seeding activities. Very jealous of you being out in the garden.
Gail, not yet, but the oven is functioning with a new special code that requires both hands, an elbow and a bootie shake...autumn clematis is probably not as rampant as it is for you and delightful when you can get it to wind through a brilliant autumn red or gold tree.