Monday, January 18, 2010

January Thaw

I can feel my shoulders relaxing into the semi-warmth of the last few days: 4C, which I believe is close to 40F. Sadly the snow has melted so we're looking at seas of beige, grey green and lots of sad soggy bits at the moment. These shots were taken on Friday before the snow melt - kind of nice to see some green poking through.

A very satisfactory wild aster that appeared in my garden several years ago. No doubt, I'm contributing to its spread by leaving the little seed heads on and not cutting it back.

This is a Ligularia dentata that self-seeded. Unlike the original, it doesn't appear to need as much water. In the shade, it can be difficult to find flowers to attract butterflies. However, its orangey-yellow flowers are always covered with Monarchs and bees late in the summer.

Here's a little bamboo that stays green in the winter here. I'm impressed with anything so tropical looking that stands up to snow.

A little Anemone cylindrica that appears to have completely lost its mind.

Mahonia repens - it really enjoyed its wet summer.

The promise of flowers to come.

Cornus Xmaslightsia - alas, it has lost its hue of blue over the weekend.

This is what I found on Friday....a little bud.

Looks that much bigger without the snow around it today.
And, just because it's fun to compare - here's what it looked like at 3:00 today. Shooting at a full open aperture & 1/60 of a know it looks much brighter in the shot, you're probably wondering why I'm whinging about the dark.

And then same time last year. Must admit, if I'm going to have winter, I want it all - the snow, the cold and most important, the sunshine. Just a much happier sight all together.


Teza said...

We're still buried in snow here, but like you, I can sense a warming trend with each passing day - the fog of the last two days is most unsettling. I hate to see the 'kids' lose their insulating cover of snow this early. I know there will be more snow, but.....

Love the Mahonia, one of my favourite foliage plants. I need to find another one to replace the weakling that never really amounted to anything! And the Helleborus..... this is the only time I wish I didn't have such a deep cover of snow..... mine are always buried and most flowers spent before they appear in April!Never satisified are we??? Take care.

sweet bay said...

The sunny snowy shot is beautiful... we get our share of gray, brown and soggy winter days down here in the Southeast and a day with sun is infinitely better!

Grace Peterson said...

Hi Barbara~~ Your comment about the Anemone had me laughing. I look a lot like this in the morning. And then there's that rare Cornus species. You are quite the plant connoisseur. I can't say that I like the second photo more. It's pretty and bright but I'm not a snow person. I'm not a gray person either. A fair weather friend I guess.

Carol said...

I love the seed pod photos Barbara... LOL the 'mad' one especially. Snow is lovely especially when allowed to grow shadows ... a great combination sun and snow. It is always so exciting to see the hellebores first buds! ;>)

fairegarden said...

Your shots are a tonic, Barbara! The seedheads are particularly nice and the hellebore buds are a surprise! About the same, or more along as ours. Snow cover is a magical thing. :-)

Barbarapc said...

Teza, the warm weather should help get rid of that snow - fingers crossed that the deluge of rain we're expecting won't be snow for you. My advice about the mahonia is to just leave it. Mine took about 8 years to look like anything - the repens was from The Perennial Garden in BC (now defunct). It took 12 years to bloom. Can't believe the Hellebore would do its dance in the dark - totally unfair - and you're right we're never completely satisfied.
S.B. I'm with you - it's warm again for here - but so completely dreary - think I might need a little light table and soil-less mix therapy.
Grace - I've seen your blog, garden and photo - cannot imagine you in any state other than complete perfection. I just looked at those seeds and thought, that's exactly how my thought process is working these days.
Carol - and the buds are even bigger today. So amazing how hardy and beautiful the Hellebores are.
Frances - was going to do some more bud shots today - but we've got quite a wind, and again not too much light. I think it's wonderful that our hellebores are thinking about blooming in concert. Just remarkable.

easygardener said...

Snow can outstay its welcome but I do like the brightness and silence it brings. It is all grey and gloomy here now the snow has gone. At least there are signs of life from Snowdrops and Hellebores to cheer me up.

Kim and Victoria said...

I like your Anemone cylindrica that has "lost it's mind." Sometimes I feel exactly like that!
I too love that bamboo can stay green all winter and also find it so odd that it does.

Lucy Corrander said...

Such lovely things!