Thursday, February 4, 2010

Looking for little bits of Colour....

There's been nothing really wrong with this winter. We had snow for Christmas, but not too much. We had a January thaw. We had some weather cold enough to haul out the dreaded snow-pants. So nothing terrible, no exciting storms, not much of anything. But somehow, it feels as if it might just go on forever.

This weekend, rather than enjoy the lovely beigeness from our warm sofa, Kevin insisted we go over the the Royal Botanical Garden for a walk. We lasted about 20 minutes - it was bitterly cold. But, as you can imagine we felt so much better for having been out and about. Here are some of the tiny little glimpses of colour we saw:

Next camera - longer lens!

Just to show you how cold it was, the Cornus sericea - (that swath of sticks above and between the sea of beige) was positively purple rather than its normal red.
Bart trying to escape from the people who put him in his embarrassing Doris Day outfit.

The water moves just fast enough so that this patch rarely freezes.

I think these are the beigest photos I've ever displayed.

Had tried to take a photo when they were nice and green - much easier without the distraction of any other plants around.

And should I ever feel too cheerful, I'm going to come back to this photo.

p.s. Sunshine is out, and just as soon as I stop squinting - I'm going to get out there to see what I can find.


Carol said...

What a lovely walk. The birds and crabapples are the only bits of color here too. Only instead of your blonde landscape ours is white. Spring will come sooner to you... hopefully winter will yield in it's usual way!

Di said...

To think that had you opted for the warmth of the inside, you might have missed all these wonderful photos. Thanks. Diana

Teza said...

Indeed, it has been a very long, bland winter. All remains covered in snow ni my neck of the woods, but that too makes for jarringly white, anticeptic photos! I do enjoy the textures that the beige has afforded you. One day soon we shall awaken from this winter slumber..... I hope!

Peggy said...

A lot of beige! The splashes of colour look cheerful and I am sure you felt better for getting out and about. I think Bart was fascinated with the length of the boardwalk and just wanted to investigate!

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

I'm with you Barbara, it has been a very easy winter, weather wise, but it is feeling awfully long, and it is only the first of Feb.

Barbarapc said...

Carol - good thought - blonde is so much better than beige.
Di - sometimes the hardest part is just getting my mind out the door these days - and so ridiculous not to - I always enjoy it when I'm out there.
Teza - we've got a little more snow down here - I guess if I'm using Carol's terminology - we've got blonde with streaks.
Peggy - I've got my name on a waiting list for my own veggie plot - you were an inspiration. I'm #5, #8 and #20 on three lists - fingers crossed.
Deborah - wonder if it is the lack of sunshine? I've got a new pot of hyacinths in the kitchen - something about the scent really puts winter to the back of my mind.

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